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Periodically, I get better very much, I just swell up… It’s a shame when friends call you a fat fool behind your back. It’s a shame when you don’t fit into your favorite jeans and cry over spaghetti, because you want to eat harm, but you understand that this is the way to the abyss… 

I am not satisfied with my sides, stomach, thick lakhs. Low self–esteem and the appetite of a giant lumberjack are successfully intertwined here. I know that I will become beautiful for myself only when I become slim.

I didn’t believe it was possible to lose weight on pills. Such texts seemed to me to be complete lies and terrible spam. I was angry and quickly scrolled through Internet articles, because it seemed impossible to lose weight without exercising and not starving. How will a package of tiny pills remove my fat? Unless a gnome comes out and seals my mouth and kicks me. Don’t make me laugh, please. I used to try numerous strict diets, but I constantly broke down… Well, there is no inner strength in me, what should I kill for it now? In general, I bought Exipure for fun and for the company with numerous drinks for weight loss. I didn’t believe that these cheap, suspicious-looking roundels would really help me. As it turned out – in vain.

It turns out that Exipure is something like a triple blow to your cellulite ass: the drug is both a fat burner, an appetite blocker and a metabolism accelerator. On the reverse side there is all the necessary and unnecessary information about dietary supplements (yes, it is a dietary supplement, do not laugh out loud). The composition, method of use, contraindications and side effects are all indicated here.

How to use:

I took Exipure one tablet a day, taking into account the recommendation to do it during meals. The tablets are round in shape, too large and are not very swallowed. The taste is very specific and unpleasant for me, so once I figured it out, I swallowed it without chewing. Naturally, I washed it down with water.

My impressions:

What did I expect from Exipure? Let’s say the fulfillment of at least one promise out of three. I needed Exipure to work as an appetite blocker, because I eat “harmful things” as if I were not myself, hence all the problems and problem areas: waist, lashes, ass. Before admission, I weighed 72 kg with a height of 1.79. Maybe from the outside I didn’t seem like a piggy in apples, thanks to my very tall stature… But for me, it’s a lot of weight. A couple of years ago, I weighed ten to fifteen kg less and literally fluttered like a butterfly. Then various stresses and worries, the birth of a child, etc. In short, I scored on myself.

Throughout taking this drug, I felt fine with regard to side effects. The only thing is, the first three days were noticeably nauseous, but I think this is one of the body’s reactions to the restriction in food as such. Believe it or not, but I almost didn’t want to eat on the first day after taking the pill together with breakfast. Oatmeal on water for breakfast, lean soup for lunch and vegetable salad for dinner… A similar eating pattern with alternating different porridges and soups persisted for a month. I won’t lie that I didn’t really want chocolate or pizza, but somehow I could keep them from… The pills suppressed this wolfish monstrous appetite: I didn’t want to take food away from passersby, my husband and the cat.

I didn’t starve, I didn’t exercise, it was just like something was turned off in me… I just didn’t want to fill my stomach, I ate really little and didn’t suffer. Hence the impressive results – minus seven kilograms! And this despite the fact that I didn’t actually do anything. The waist and hips visually decreased, the body became more taut. I was able to fit into old clothes that used to literally crack at the seams on me. This is a reason for pride.

Finally I was able to get into the skirt I wore before giving birth

I think after some time to take another course of admission, because according to the instructions this is possible. Now I decided to pay more attention to the condition of the skin and remove the “orange peel” in some places with the help of massages and scrubs.

It is worth understanding that this drug will not magically dissolve your excess weight, it only blocks appetite quite well, and thanks to this, a decrease in body weight occurs.

Result: I ask you to pay attention to the individuality of each organism: if I had no side effects, then two of my friends, who also bought this drug, for some reason began a terrible insomnia… I don’t know if this is a consequence of taking this drug, but I will mention it anyway. Thanks for attention. Be beautiful and loved.

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    Hose Menino

    Eat less, move more bearded… – the result is not bad

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      Oh, if you could only eat and not get fat 😉

  2. Vicky

    I tried drinking Bilight, but it has a lot of side effects: headache, insomnia and a taste of rotten meat in my mouth. By the way, the last moment just knocked down the appetite.

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    thank you, it turns out everything is so simple

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    Good result

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