Sea Eye Lake in Mari El

The Sea Eye Lake is an amazing natural attraction located in the Republic of Mari El. This place is impressive at first glance. The emerald-colored lake is surrounded by rich nature and a pleasant atmosphere. The sea eye is also popularly called Mari Switzerland.

Lovers of nature will definitely like this place. Nature tried very hard when creating this natural object. For me personally, this is the place where I want to return again.

The lake is located on the slope of the mountain, where an unreal view opens. The lake got its name due to its round shape and color. The lake has an emerald color due to algae. By origin, it is karst (rocks dissolved or collapsed under the influence of water) and has unexplored underground voids. The water in the lake is fresh. The lake appeared about 20 thousand years ago. The origin of this lake is still not fully understood, and there are even several legends about it.

Description of the Sea Eye Lake in Mari El

The reservoir is small in size, has a round shape. The lake has a beautiful green color. The depth is approximately 37 meters (different sources indicate different figures).

The water temperature in summer on the surface is up to +20 C, at the bottom – 4 C. Transparency in the reservoir is up to two meters.

In recent years, the lake has been gradually decreasing in depth. Although the water in the lake does not evaporate so actively and is fed by three springs that do not dry up even in very dry times.

The shores around the lake are steep with soft rocks of the soil, so you should walk carefully near it.

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Recreation on the Sea Eye Lake

Many tourists and travelers who want to enjoy this beauty for a longer time come to the Sea Eye Lake in Mari El. In the village where the lake is located, you can rent a guest house.

Tourists also come here with tents, stopping right on the shore of the lake. Finding a place near the lake for camping is not difficult. By the way, we met the guys, they came from Chuvashia, and stayed here for 3 days.

Recreation on the Sea Eye Lake

There is a very beautiful nature in the vicinity of the lake, there are quite a lot of places, so you can safely come here even just for one day to spend a pleasant time: have a picnic, just take a walk or ride a bike.

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Is it possible to swim?

You can swim in the lake. Diving enthusiasts come here to go scuba diving. There is also a bungee from which extreme athletes swing and jump into the lake.

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And you can get to the surface of the land from the lake by an equipped staircase.

Is it possible to swim on the sea eye lake

Where is the Sea Eye Lake

The Sea Eye Lake is located in the Republic of Mari El, near the village of Shariboksad in the Volzhsky district.

There are no signs on the road to the lake. If you are by car, you need to get to the crossed-out sign “Shariboksad”. Leave the car there. And then go to the right side along the path that will lead you to the lake. Along the way, you will have magnificent views of the surrounding nature.

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Enjoy the beauty and take care of nature!

The author of the article is Olga Avrakh

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