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Complete relaxation and shanti, even though it’s rubbish here… You’re not in a hurry to go anywhere, you don’t worry about anything. When it’s winter in Russia, it’s summer here. This is a good budget format – to spend a warm winter, as Dasha did with her husband and two children from cold Novosibirsk, who spend the winter in Goa, and share their experience with us.

Let’s get acquainted:)

my name is Dasha. I have a family – a husband and two sons. My husband worked in the IT field, and I worked as a designer before the decree. Then there was a 6-year decree, during which I managed to be a master of artistic dot painting. And then circumstances pushed me to become a home pastry chef. But not simple. I made healthy sweets to order. It was in demand. After all, my sweets did not contain the usual sugar and flour – I lost weight myself and helped others without parting with sweets.

We lived an ordinary life, and then I went on a package tour to Goa and my world turned upside down.

Why did you choose Goa for wintering?

I’ve been there twice. I went alone, without family. It was my personal mom’s vacation)))) Moms will understand how necessary it is.

I liked it there, I talked with other winterers, learned the peculiarities of the local culture, prices and opportunities. Therefore, the choice was obvious. We decided not just to winter, but to winter in Goa. Otherwise, they would hardly have been able to take such a risk in an unfamiliar place.

For what period of time can you catch a profitable flight to Goa? How much does the flight cost?

For the first time, we flew on tour for the winter. In November, you can catch very profitable last-minute offers. I went from Novosibirsk to a good hotel — 22,500rubles per person without a visa.

This time we are flying on a regular flight with transfers. From Novosibirsk to Mumbai, with a transfer in Dubai. It turned out to be 18,000rubles per person. This is a good price for Novosibirsk. Bought in 1.5 months. 2-3 months before departure, the prices were lower, but circumstances with my health prevented us from dealing with this issue earlier. We will take a sleeper bus from Mumbai, because we are already familiar with this type of Indian transport. It is convenient and not expensive. But there are nuances that we will learn in the course of the action, because we have never left Mumbai on our own yet.

A regular flight from Novosibirsk to Mumbai, with a transfer in Dubai — 18,000rubles per person.

It is necessary to take into account the rule of take-off and departure: if you flew in by charter, you can only fly out by charter of the same company. If you flew in a regular flight, then you can only fly out with regular flights, but of any company. This is more about Goa Airport.

Accommodation in Goa. Where do you find it? What are the prices?

It makes sense to look for housing right on the spot. For the first few days, rent any hotel and ride around the desired area on a bike. Since it will be much more expensive remotely, and in fact it may also not correspond to reality.

Housing prices in Goa vary depending on: the area and distance from the sea, the condition of the apartment and its area, the period of removal and the greed of the owner. It’s hard to say anything specific here. But – always bargain. 20 percent can be reset due to a long period (from 3 months or more), and simply due to trading. We rented a spacious two-room floor. By bike from the nearest beach 5 minutes drive. Walking 15-20 minutes. The cost was 17,000rubles/month. We were shooting for 5 months. The original price was 20,000rubles, we haggled. But – the house stood along a noisy road and the situation is very modest. Washed the house themselves. Periodically there were interruptions with water in the tap, the owner tried to solve the issue on time, but it happened that, coming from the beach, we still had no water at all for 2 hours.

Spacious two-room floor – 17,000₽/month.

An important nuance – do not give money for the entire period, give it monthly. Otherwise, the owner of the apartment can score on you and any problems with the apartment.

Which area is suitable for wintering in Goa?

Depends on the requests. Mandrem is quiet, Arambol is cheerful, Calangute, Candolim, Baga are very touristic. It’s in North Goa. I find it difficult to tell something about the others. There is also South Goa – more expensive, but more civilized, calmer.

We lived in Arambol. I like the proximity of all the interesting buildings and the developed infrastructure. This time we will probably live in Mandrem. I want to be a little quieter.

Do I need a visa to Goa?

A visa to Goa is required.

There are two types of visa:

  • consular
  • electronic

Consular visa it is obtained at the consulate or through intermediaries. It costs about 3,000rubles – if independently. And from 4,500rubles – if through Moscow agencies. Can be obtained for 6 months continuous. This is a tourist maximum. You need to submit documents about 3 weeks before departure. We do it through an agency, because the consulate is in Moscow, and we are in Novosibirsk.

This spring (2019), electronic visas have become cheaper and increased.

Getting a visa to Goa is easy: fill out the form on the website, attach all the necessary documents and pay. After 2-3 days, you have the visa in electronic form. It is put in the passport upon arrival.

Aleelectronic visas now there are for such periods: 1 month, 1 year, 5 years.

E-visa prices in Goa (2019):

  • 30 days from April to June — $10
  • 30 days from July to March — $25
  • 1 year — $40
  • 5 years — $80

But every 90 days you need to leave the country for at least 1 day.

There are no other options for renewal right now.

The girl tells about wintering in Goa

Food. What are the prices of groceries in Goa?

The cost of food in Goa is quite low. If you cook yourself from local products (without trying to use only the usual European options), then the difference is 2-3 times compared to Novosibirsk. Cafes are also quite budget-friendly. Especially cafes “for locals”, but they don’t look very attractive. It should be borne in mind that the food is quite spicy. But very tasty in my opinion. I love their curry gravies and palak paneer.

Prices in cafes in Goa (2019):

  • rice with chicken — 150-160 rupees (~170-180₽)
  • Omelet — 90 rupees (~100₽)
  • soups – from 50 rupees (~from 56₽)

Food prices in Goa (2019):


  • Shrimp — 300-700 rupees (~336-784₽)
  • fish — 200-250 rupees (~224-280₽)
  • Lobsters — 1200 rupees (~1345₽)
  • chicken (kg) — 90-100 rupees (~100-112₽)
  • rice (1 kg) — 90-160 rupees (~100-180₽)
  • pasta (1 kg) — 80-120 rupees (~90-135₽)
  • Eggs (des.) — 50 rupees (~56₽)
  • tea (250 g) — about 150 rupees (~170₽)


  • cucumbers, tomatoes — 16 rupees (~18₽)
  • Mango — 60-80 rupees (~68-90₽)
  • Papaya (pcs) — 50 rupees (~56₽)
  • pineapple — 30-70 rupees (~34-79₽)
  • Watermelon — 20 rupees (~23₽)
  • Bananas — 25 rupees (~28₽)
  • Mangosteen — about 100 rupees (~112₽)
  • coconut — 30 rupees (~34₽)

What can I use to get around Goa?

Moped, motorcycle. Cars also drive and rent, but the roads are narrow, and it’s quite difficult to maneuver by car there, especially from unaccustomed. We ride a moped.

wintering in goa with a child

Have you taken out insurance?

We do not issue. But we will find out in advance the necessary phone numbers and addresses where you can contact.

— What are the pros and cons of wintering in Goa?

Positiveperhaps they are understandable to everyone: warmth, delicious, sea, fun, national flavor – local temples and attractions. Budget format. Complete relaxation and shanti. Don’t rush anywhere, don’t worry about anything. Although it’s hard to get used to it. We still run and worry)))

Minuseslike all over Asia, it is rubbish, sometimes it is difficult to explain with Indians because of the difference in mentality and the language barrier. The absence or high cost of some familiar products.

– Your life hacks about wintering in Goa:)

Expect nothing and be grateful for everything. To remain a well-mannered and decent person. Then life in Goa will be a wonderful period of your life. And bargain ?

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