A Russian woman talks about moving and living in Italy

Before moving to Italy, first you just need to live here for at least three months. Italy during the holidays and Italy daily are completely different things. So advises Nastya, who moved from Russia to Italy. Nastya talks about moving and living in this country, and shares her life hacks.

– Let’s get acquainted)

– Hi, I’m Nastya, now I live in Italy in Sicily. Until I was 30, I lived and worked in Moscow, and traveled a lot. Therefore, today, travel routes are a part of my life in a new place. I do author tours to Sicily, and I write various useful things about the island on Instagram.

— How did you end up in Italy?

– Ahah) everything is banal here. In 2017, my friend and I flew to Sicily for a vacation, and decided to take a bike for independent rides around the island (naive, then we could not even think that this idea was very adventurous, and how much it would turn my life around). After a delicious dinner, we decided to ride a bike and … in general, in the parking lot I safely crashed into the wall, fell … poof (it doesn’t hurt, everything is fine). And he, my future husband, went to see if his bike was in order, since they were parked nearby. And then like in the movies: meetings, flights Moscow-Sicily, and last year we had a wedding in the most beautiful city of Sicily — Taormina.

— How did Italy win your heart?

— The first time I flew to Italy in 2009, and everything is irrevocable. I fell in love forever, first with Rome, then with the whole country: smells, people, cuisine, atmosphere. And I am constantly mistaken for a local, I think in a previous life, I was definitely Italian)

– Do you miss your homeland?)

– I miss my family, parents, sister, and my godchildren, but the age of technology, and we often communicate via Skype. Yes, and you can always fly (fortunately, you will instill it in 3.5 hours). Sometimes I also miss various services, for example, convenience stores, beauty salons, cheap taxi, and, perhaps, rhythm. Yes, yes, this crazy spirit and rhythm of a big city is sometimes not enough, it’s at such moments that I understand that I need to fly to recharge with this energy.

— Was it difficult to get used to the Italian rhythm of life and culture?

– Oh, no, I joined so organically and easily, seriously, as if it was all familiar from birth: food culture, life culture, atmosphere. It’s 100% mine. But I know from experience, this is not the case for everyone. And of course, everything depends initially on the personal perception of life, no matter where on the planet you are.

move to italy from russia

— How to move to Italy for permanent residence?

— Everything here is quite simple and complicated at the same time. First, immediately prepare a wagon of patience, because paperwork is 7 circles of hell. Believe me, bureaucracy in Italy is not for the faint of heart)

Ways to move to Italy:

  • By study – you enter the university, you are given a residence permit for the duration of your studies (you need to update it every year)
  • Employment (this is when a company invites you, BUT in order for this to happen, you must be a super specialist who cannot be found in Italy, because the employer will pay double tax for you)
  • The work of Autonomo is like an individual entrepreneur (in order to move according to this option, you need to have an early amount of money in your account, plus money to open a business in Italy, rent a room, etc.)
  • Family Reunion
  • Marriage with a local

Perhaps these are all legal ways – how to move to Italy for permanent residence.

— Do I need to take an exam in Italian to move to Italy?

– The exam must be taken when obtaining citizenship. And you can apply for citizenship after 5-10 years, depending on the activity and the motive for being in the country.

move to italy for permanent residence from russia

— How much does it cost to live in Italy?

— Everything depends on the region here: the North is of course a little more expensive than the South, but the South is more attractive for its climate and products. I have lived in all regions of Italy, I have traveled almost all of it.

The prices in Italy are as follows:

  • Rental housing: 600-700 euros – North (studio 40-50 sq.m.), South – 450-600 euros (studio 40-60 sq.m.).
  • The communal apartment depends on the time of year, heating system, and energy. On average, from 500 to 1500 euros per year.
  • The grocery basket depends on the region and preferences, plus the number of people. For example, we (two of us) on average spend about 400 euros a month on food, half of this budget is for seafood, fresh fish almost every day. Someone takes 200-250 euros.

— What are the most popular specialties in Italy and what are the po?

— In Italy, any job is a job, and the person who has it is happy. The top ones are lawyers, doctors, and economists. The salary depends on the region, the average salary in Italy is 1200-1500 euros, and such a po is considered very good.

Is there unemployment in Italy? It is everywhere, it is a question of motivation and personal desires. Of course, if you studied to be a manager and /or a similar activity, and then you can’t find a job for this position, it’s sad, but people don’t want to work for 500 euros, having knowledge for 1000, plus many people live quietly on an allowance of 500-600 euros (provided their housing). Who is looking and wants, will always find.

— How do Italians treat Russians?

— And how do Russians treat Italians? Such questions are always asked only by residents of Russia and their nearest neighbors.

People are treated as they deserve. What you radiate is what you receive. True, in the South of Italy for more than one year, the cult and boom for a Russian wife, they really want it, and are very proud of it. So girls – for your note)

– Is it true that Italians think about starting a family only by the age of 35-40? Why is that?)

– Absolutely right, moreover, they can meet for 5-10 years, live together. Why? Everything is simple here. In Italy, there is a very small percentage of divorces, and literally 5 years ago – it was generally prohibited, so if Italians decide to get married, then as a rule it is forever.

— What are the pros and cons of living in Italy?

– The advantages are definitely climate, beauty, atmosphere, attitude to life, quality of products, and rich cultural heritage.

I don’t get hung up on the minuses, as I already said, if I suddenly miss the rhythm and spirit of Moscow, I take a ticket and fly in for a few days.

— How do you think life in Italy differs from life in Russia?

– A lot of people. Italians love and know how to enjoy life. Perhaps, living in such beauty, it certainly comes easier. The attitude to life, the things around us, ecology, etc. differs. The quality of life itself. But Italy is losing out to Russia in the field of beauty services, and heaps of useful services.

– Your life hacks about moving to Italy.

– Ahhahah. Before you move, first just live here for at least three months. Italy during the holidays and Italy daily are completely different things. If you want to work in this country, then the language is mandatory. And if you feel one hundred percent that this is yours, then go ahead: we set goals, choose a path and go. The main desire and patience:)

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