How to learn to save and what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to save money in Germany

On October 30, the World Economy Day is celebrated.
Therefore, let’s see how you can learn to save from the most thrifty nation…

In this regard, it is worth remembering the widespread myth that the most thrifty citizens in the world live in Germany.
And … statistics show that this is not a myth at all, but a real fact!
Sometimes you can be amazed at what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to learn to save on sales

In November, the traditional sales season begins in Germany, which is often called the Christmas sales season.
After all, preparations for Christmas will start on November 11 at 11:11 a.m. local time.

Germans love all kinds of discounts and sales more than anyone else in the world.
About thirty-seven million residents of the country prefer to shop online.
Thus, you can save significantly with the help of special discount coupons in online stores.

Saving on your own

Most Germans, in order to save money, try to do a lot on their own.

Every fifth person personally prepares costumes for various holidays and carnivals.
Many German women prefer to dye their hair at home, rather than in special salons.
Most families prefer to cook at home.
One of the most popular, everyday dishes in Germany is often the most ordinary pasta from the supermarket!

Food and cigarettes

But it is worth saying that the above still looks more or less decent, unlike the fact that some Germans choose products with expiring expiration dates in order to save money!

Over 80% of respondents are very attentive to their purchases.
They buy exactly as many products as they need at the moment.

Cigarettes in Germany are quite expensive, which is for many a weighty argument in favor of quitting smoking.
Some of those who have not decided to give up this wasteful habit are looking for other means of saving. And they often go as far as making the most banal hand-rolled cigarettes!

Savings in the fold

Also in Germany, in order to save money, it is quite popular to do various things in a fold.

This applies not only to rental housing, when an apartment is rented by two or more residents to save on rent.
This type of economy is popular mainly among students.

In addition, every fifth person buys gifts for friends and relatives “in a fold”.
And some Germans don’t give anything at all. Even the closest and dearest people.

But the Christmas holidays, which are very popular in Germany, nevertheless, the conception makes even the most economical Germans fork out!


Sometimes young Germans who want to travel choose the option of hitchhiking.
You can save up to 100% of the trip cost on it.
This type of economy is called Blablacar.
As a rule, German youth devote a lot of effort to training and career growth.
Therefore, they prefer to save when they are young, and spend on travel at a more mature age.

Economy in German…

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