Passive income as a source of wealth

Passive income options

Have you noticed that rich people increase their wealth, and the standard of living of the poor rarely changes for the better?
Why is this happening?
Yes, because successful people have built their system step by step using all available passive income options.

Just making a lot of money, for example, by selling CRM systems, does not mean getting rich, because money has an unpleasant property of running out quickly.
Therefore, we have to constantly work to maintain the stock at a given level.
That is, a person works for money. This is the poor man’s way.

The way of a rich person is to receive so-called passive (residual) income when money starts working for him.

To receive passive income, you need to earn a certain amount once, and then receive income from it for a long period of time.
This opportunity is provided by:

  • purchase of real estate and renting it out,
  • own business,
  • securities,
  • obtaining copyright.

These assets allow a person to receive money without working for them anymore.
Capital must be constantly invested.
Then Lee’s income either increases or decreases.
And believe me, any of these options is better than stagnation.

Only competent investment can give you the opportunity to get rich.

Yes, there is always a risk of losing everything acquired.
However, if you continue to work for money and do not force them to work for you, the result will remain the same: your standard of living will never change.

Maybe it’s worth finally changing something in life?
For example, make an effort, learn how to invest from literate people and become a rich person.

Is there no money left for investment? Look at my experience…

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