Vacation in Nepal – in one of the most unusual countries in Asia

The birthplace of the Buddha, the country of contrasts and one of the most unusual countries in Asia is Nepal, where the traveler Svetlana managed to visit. Very kind and friendly people live in this country. Nepal is a cheap and safe country. The popular majestic Himalaya Mountains are spread out here and many Buddhist temples are concentrated. And how to get to Nepal, how much housing costs, how to get a visa to Nepal and many other useful information read in the interview.

– Tell us about yourself.

— My name is Svetlana, I’m from Nizhny Novgorod. My travel experience is 7 years, however, it turns out to travel not as often as I would like 🙂 Nevertheless, I try to visit new countries whenever possible.

— What attracted Nepal to travel?

– I’ve been drawn to Nepal for a long time. Even I myself was not completely clear what the reasons were. And I decided that if I wanted to, I had to go. And even cheap plane tickets were found. Everything worked out as it should.

— What impression did this country make?

– The impression is wonderful. Nepal is a very diverse country. There are mountains and jungles in it – to test yourself, there is Lake Fewa if you want peace and quiet. Nepal has many Buddhist temples and its own culture. And, of course, it is there that the Bodnath Stupa is located, built in the 6th century, which attracts pilgrims from all over the world, and which flashes in the frames of the movie “Little Buddha”.

— Where were you looking for a place to stay?

– Accommodation was booked online. Housing prices in Nepal, for example, for a room start from $ 4-5, but if you want to have light and hot water, prices will be from $ 10 per day.

— Do I need a visa to Nepal?

– Yes, a visa to Nepal is needed for Russians. There are 3 ways to get it.

1. It can be issued upon arrival in the country by providing the necessary documents: visa application form, 2 photos (3×4 cm), passport, receipt for payment of the visa fee.
2. You can also apply for a visa to Nepal in advance online on the website online.nepalimmigration.gov.np , where you just need to fill out a questionnaire and send it to the Embassy. Then the answer will come with a ready-made visa, you need to print it out and already present it at the border of Nepal.
3. You can get a visa at the visa center in Moscow.
The cost of a visa to Nepal is: $ 25 for 15 days– $ 40 for 30 days and $ 100 for 90 days.

— How to get to Nepal and how long does the flight take?

– The flight to Nepal took more than a day because of the connections, because there is no direct flight from Russia to Nepal, they all have transfers in other countries. For example, you can fly through India. And ticket prices during the sales period start from $ 400 for a round-trip flight.

– Tell us what to see in Nepal?

— I was in the mountains of the Himalayas — a very magical place that leaves a desire to return to this country again, I went to the first track in my life. I also spent a few days at Fewa Lake in Pokhara, went to Lumbini – the place where the Buddha was born, and, of course, took a walk in Kathmandu, looked at temples, stupas, spent Buddha’s birthday in this city and waved to the living goddess Kumari. Read more about my trip on my blog: @windyworlds

– Tell us interesting facts about this country.

– Nepal is a country of contrasts, dusty Kathmandu borders with majestic Himalayan mountains, where the purest mountain air. There are very kind people living in Nepal who will always help and prompt. There is a special energy there, and if you are in doubt about going to Nepal or not, take tickets – you will not regret it.

— How much does a vacation in Nepal cost?

– Nepal is a cheap country. Lunch in a cafe for two will cost about 300-400 rubles, in stores it is even cheaper. Moving from one city to another — about 1000-1500 rubles, taxi on average 300 rubles. Some attractions are paid, and prices there are up to $ 10.

– Nepal is considered a very religious country. Is it felt?

– Of course! In Nepal there are temples even high in the mountains and you will always meet pilgrims in them. In Kathmandu, the religiosity of the locals is especially felt. And tourists visit places such as the Swayambunath stupas, Bodnath and the Pashupatinath temple complex.

— What dishes of local cuisine would you recommend to try?

– Local dumplings “mamo”, made from steamed lamb minced meat and vermicelli soup “tukpa”. Perhaps these are the most familiar dishes for our stomachs 🙂

— What is the weather like in Nepal?

– The weather is different in different cities. In spring, for example, it was 25-28 degrees in Kathmandu, 40 degrees in Lumbini, and in the mountains it gets colder by about 7 degrees with every thousand meters. At an altitude of about 3000 meters in the Himalayas it was only +3.

– Do I need to get some vaccinations before going to Nepal?

— It’s not necessary.

— What is the level of security in the country?

– Nepal is absolutely safe. But, as in any country, you should not leave money and valuables in the room unattended.

– Tell us about the locals and the culture of the country.

– Nepalis are very friendly and kind people. Perhaps one of the most hospitable nations. They know how to enjoy life and be happy. As for culture, it’s better to see it once, you can describe it for an infinitely long time. I can only say that people there treat others the way they would like to be treated themselves, and this is very cool.

— What do you get from traveling?

– Various emotions, sometimes lessons of the universe:) For me, every journey is a path from which it is impossible to return the same.

– Your advice and wishes to travelers going on vacation to Nepal.

– Take an antiseptic and a first aid kit with the usual medicines, because local food can cause discomfort in the stomach. And most importantly, go to this country with an open heart, trust the world and your trip will definitely succeed.

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