Your product and brand. Is it possible?

How to make your product a brand?

1. We promote our product competently

Probably, any entrepreneur dreams of how to make his product a brand, and that it would disperse like hot cakes.
And it’s good if he thinks about it in advance, i.e. before the choice of goods has already been made, production has begun and the finished goods are already in stock.

Yes, there are many levers of product promotion on the market. However, if, in principle, no one needs it, then no matter how much money is invested in marketing and sales, nothing good will come of it.
As you may have guessed, in this post we will talk about ways to promote goods in a market “teeming” with competitors with similar products.

Mandatory selection of the target audience

The first thing to do after you have decided on the product is to understand your target audience. What is it for?

For example, if you sell anti-aging cosmetics, then it will clearly not be in demand among students. It is important to more or less understand where this audience is, how it perceives information better, etc.

For example, many companies have stopped paying attention to advertising, such as distributing leaflets. Instead, they focus on the site, its promotion, etc.

Yes, the global network is one of the main, powerful tools for informing a huge number of people. But if the target audience also includes the population of retirement age who does not recognize a computer, then newspapers and leaflets are the most accessible way of advertising for them.

Knowing the target audience can solve a number of problems regarding the product and its usefulness, too, and not just the volume of its sales and demand for it.

For example, communication with the target audience will help to understand the difficulties they face when using the promoted product. This knowledge will help to make adjustments, eliminate defects in the product, make it more perfect. Ideally, the manufacturer himself needs to be a customer, feel for himself, experience all his properties in practice.

3. Advertising gives the greatest result

The next stage of successful product introduction to the market is advertising. This is the most effective tool in the struggle for the buyer. It can be served in different ways.
Via the Internet, SMS mailings, the same newspapers, leaflets, posters, radio and television.

The first place in terms of capabilities and efficiency should be given to the global network.

Every day millions of people enter the world Wide Web to find something, to communicate with someone. The Internet makes it possible to present your product or service in a detailed and colorful way, promote your store-site among others, notify as many people as possible about the appearance of the product.

How many people will visit the site?
Here everything depends on the manufacturer and his budget. The budget that he allocates to this item of expenditure. Below, the possible ways of promoting the product on the Internet are presented in more detail.

3. The main ways of promotion how to make a product a brand

Creating your own website

This method has long been in demand, since the site gives you the opportunity to describe your product, present its photo and price.

Immediately on the website, the customer can order the products they like. Here you can also find contact information, get acquainted with the history of the formation of the company, etc.

On the pages of the online store, you can also place useful information for visitors. This will bring them additional benefits and interest in the site, as well as increase its attendance.

Pages in social networks and forums

Today, social networks and forums are a gathering place for millions of people. Here they discuss a variety of topics, including purchased goods.

The principle of transmitting information “by word of mouth” works here, which gives incredible results.
After all, a person is more likely to believe his friend than a seller or manufacturer.
Therefore, various blogs and discussions are created, in which everyone participates and shares their opinions.

Registration on forums, in Odnoklassniki and other networks makes it possible again to announce the release of a new product, to get acquainted with the already existing opinion about it from the participants of the discussion.

The only nuance of publishing an ad on forums is the likelihood that the ad will get lost among thousands of other ads without reaching the end customer. Therefore, you need to update your ads as often as possible.

Managers are hired for this job, they communicate on forums, answer questions from potential customers.

It is also worth remembering that experts work on the forums, whose duties include “blackening” the reputation of competitors with the help of false statements, complaints about goods and other dishonest methods.

TV and radio

No less popular information resource is television and radio. With their help, you can also effectively inform the masses about the launch of a new product or service.

A running line, rotation on the radio, participation in the sponsorship of a popular program, direct participation in the program itself – all this and much more is a popular tool for influencing the choice of the buyer and turning him into a regular customer.

How to compose an advertising text correctly

Whatever the method of advertising publication, if it does not have good, intriguing content, then neither the Internet nor a poster in the city center will force the buyer to come to this advertised store.

The composition of the advertising text can be called an art.
The main purpose of the text is to influence a person’s emotions, inspire him, make him act.
Phrases should be clear and concise, without “water”. And if they are complemented by harmonious pictures and a suitable, memorable color background, then the success of advertising is guaranteed.

Being in search of a certain product, the buyer has a problem that he wants to solve with this product.
For example, I want to eat ruddy, unburned toast for breakfast.
Accordingly, the toaster should not overexpose slices of bread, work with an optimal temperature when frying.
That’s exactly the solution to the problem and advertising should contain. Therefore, it is very important that its text performs these functions, otherwise the manufacturer will not wait for a long list of pending orders.

Do not forget that various marketing tricks play an important role in the process of promoting a product on the market. For example, bonuses, promotions and discounts.
Everyone loves gifts, so they often come to the store and buy goods just to get this gift.

Be creative, use all kinds of advertising, fill it with unique and intriguing content, and your product will be sold out like fresh pies.

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