12 tips that will help you easily sell an apartment

How to sell an apartment quickly and profitably

1. An empty apartment or with a minimum of furniture always looks more spacious.
Therefore, try to get rid of unnecessary, and especially old furniture as quickly as possible.

2. If you are still living in an apartment when showing it, it will not be superfluous to remove all family photos, any things that emphasize your hobbies, hobbies, as well as hide any collections.
An impersonal apartment immediately makes you want to dream up where and what you can hang, put, etc. This will give the buyer the opportunity to present himself as the host.

3. As for the repair…
The apartment should look clean and tidy.
Therefore, cosmetic repairs are mandatory.
Dear, it’s not worth doing a major one, because it won’t pay off.
Everyone has different tastes and most likely the new owner will not appreciate the renovation, except for luxury real estate, when the buyer is ready to pay for a comfortable stay.

4. Another point is a new building.
It will be much more difficult and cheaper to sell with rough finishing than to make the necessary inexpensive repairs and bring the apartment into a living condition.

5. A good way to see what’s wrong with your apartment is to take a photo of all the rooms.
In the photo, all the flaws are visible much better than in real life.
Therefore, you will immediately notice that you need to rearrange, throw away or just wash well.

6. The time spent on general cleaning is a very important moment.
The first impression of the status of your apartment is immediately fixed in the memory of any person.
Therefore, you should have a brilliant cleanliness and order everywhere.
Glass and mirrors need to be treated with window washing liquid and rubbed to shine.
Especially the bathroom and toilet should shine!
The tile is first washed with special cleaning agents, and then rubbed to a shine.

7. In no case should you see scattered things, cabinets, shelves, tables littered with various trifles.

8. There should be no unpleasant odors in your apartment, especially if there are pets.
By the way, during the show of the apartment, it is better to isolate the animals so that they do not distract.

9. If you will use flavorings to remove unpleasant odors, then it is better to give preference to natural ones, for example, brew coffee, make some pastries with vanilla.
These smells will make you feel relaxed and cozy in the apartment.

10. A very important point is lighting.
Be sure to wash the windows well, especially if the show is daytime.
In the evening, pay attention to dusty ceiling lights and burnt-out light bulbs.

11. Since you are interested in a quick sale of an apartment, then try to put your entrance in order. Check the lighting.
If the walls on the site are dirty, do not be lazy and wash them with detergents and disinfectants.

12. When viewing an apartment, it is better to leave young children under the supervision of one of the family members, or even better, send them for a walk, to visit, etc.
Agree, the buyer will not be very pleased if you are constantly distracted by crying or the whims of the child.

How to prepare for a conversation with an apartment buyer?

The first thing you should do is to unobtrusively emphasize the strengths of the apartment in the conversation and prepare counterarguments if the buyer asks uncomfortable questions.
For anyone who finds a flaw, there should be an answer, where the owner “smooths the corners” and translates the shortcomings into advantages or puts strengths in the first place that can neutralize unpleasant moments.
For example:

Disadvantage: The apartment is located on the outskirts of the city.

Counterargument: You have children growing up, and here is silence, clean air, the area is not polluted.
This place is the best place to raise children.
At the same time, there are no problems with public transport and it will not be difficult to get to the center or another place.

In general, if you prepare a list of the shortcomings of the apartment in advance and make counterarguments to them, follow all the above points, then your meeting will be held at a good and friendly level. This will really help to create a good impression and quickly, profitably sell your apartment.

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