23 ways to save money

How to learn to save money and save

If you use each of these methods without fanaticism, you can save up to 30% of the family budget. All the tips below on how to learn how to save money have been tried and tested by time.

1. Take care of the little things.
50 rubles a day is 18,000 a year!

2. No – impulsive purchases.
Give yourself 24 hours to think before a major purchase.
Perhaps you will be very happy with the money saved, because later you will find it meaningless.

3. Record all expenses down to the smallest detail.
At the end of the month, you analyze what is unnecessary. Savings can be up to 20%

4. Write down your expenditure items.
For example, for food, utilities, entertainment, travel…
So you will know the limits and try not to go beyond these limits.

5. Short-term goals of obtaining additional income.
For example, to really earn 1-3 thousand a week, than to dream of an unattainable 50 thousand.
Find a side job every week at least a little bit.
As they say — grain by grain…

6. Take lunch with you to work.

7. Go to the store with a shopping list.
Everyone knows about it, but few people do…

8. Give up credit cards.
By paying the debt now, you will get rid of interest payments.
Make a repayment plan and try to do without loans.

9. We release the cabinets.
Something can be sold or exchanged with friends, which will save some part of the budget.

10. Forget about fast food.
Save both money and health.

11. Quit smoking.
An average of 15-20 thousand people spend on cigarettes per year.

12. Keep an eye on electricity and water.
The saved 300 rubles per month is another 3,600 rubles per year.

13. A miser pays twice!
Choose quality products. Thus, you will avoid repair costs.

14. Be rational.
Compare prices not only when choosing things and products, but also for taxi services… Be aware of price comparison services such as yandex.market.

15. Stress expenses.
Don’t go to the store to relieve stress. It is better to meet and spend time with friends and family, and then go to bed.

16. Check the services of the mobile operator and banks.
Paid services, which you can do without – disable. For statements, information can be withdrawn up to 10 rubles. per day. This is 300 rubles per month and 3,600 per year.

17. The rule of spontaneous purchase.
If you find yourself in a store without a list, then before you pay for the goods, think about what you can return back to the shelf.

18. Rent out everything you can.
A room, a car standing in the garage, a garage, a summer cottage for the season…

19. Use the services of cashback sites that return interest on purchases made.
However, buy only the necessary things!

20. Do not carry extra money with you.
No money — no temptation to spend.

21. Make a financial plan, highlighting the goals.
When you know what you are saving for, then saving and earning will be much faster and easier.

22. Start keeping a personal budget.
You can download the program or just keep a notebook. Tune in for 2 months, then it will become a habit.

23. Don’t let the money just lie there.
Invest and multiply the savings. In a few years, you can accumulate an impressive amount and live on the income from investments.

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