Excursion to the river Kwai from Pattaya in Thailand

A rich excursion to the River Kwai from Pattaya is a whole journey that opens up a real exotic Thailand from different sides! The highlight of this trip is that it includes various interesting places on the way to the river Kwai, which introduce you to the amazing Thai nature and wildlife, colorful culture and history of Thailand, as well as rafting on the river and an exotic night in a bungalow surrounded by jungle.

Floating Market

You can get acquainted with the local Thai flavor in Pattaya at the Floating Market, which has already become a tourist attraction in Thailand.

You need to move around such a market by boat on the water. The floating market consists of small shops located on the water. Also, the goods are sold from boats on which local merchants sail. The market sells products and fruits, various souvenirs and various little things. There are also houses on the water where local Thais live.

Royal Factory

There is a Teak furniture and Sculpture Factory near the floating market, where craftsmen create whole masterpieces of art from wood, representing many original things. The factory presents paintings, furniture, tableware, various statues and figures, souvenirs and many other interesting things. And it’s all handmade, done with subtlety and professionalism, which is admirable.

Accordingly, the cost of such masterpieces is appropriate.

Elephant Village

A unique and exotic nature reserve – elephant village. Here you get acquainted with the sacred animals of Thailand – with elephants, which cause good feelings and do not let you get bored. Elephants will show an exciting show, throwing darts, drawing on easels and many other interesting things. After the show, you can feed the elephants from your own hands and take a picture with them as a souvenir. If desired, you can take a walk on an elephant, plunging into the surrounding exotic nature of Thailand.

And that’s not all. The most exotic and extreme is the massage that the elephant does by tapping his leg. Do you think so, no matter how crushed… But as it turned out, everything is harmless.

Thais live in the elephant village. Their dwellings are made of natural materials, without modern amenities, and they wash right in the river, where elephants walk. It is very unusual to see such a picture in the modern world.

The elephant village was founded in 1973 as a private nature reserve, where medical care was provided to old and sick animals.

Erawan Waterfall

The seven-level Erawan Waterfall, located in the mountainous area of Kanchanaburi province among the jungles, is one of the wonders in Thailand. The waterfall was formed in 1975 and is named after the mythical white elephant Erawan, similar to the outline of the seventh level of the waterfall.

The picturesque Eravan Waterfall delights with its rich nature, beautiful bubbling waterfalls and local flavor. This is a complete solitude with nature and acquaintance with the exotic vegetation of Thailand. A trail leads to each level of the waterfall, accompanied by stunning views.

Natural pools with clear blue water are formed under the waterfalls, where it is so nice to swim or just relax.

Garra rufa fish swim in the reservoirs of the waterfall, which make peeling by biting the skin of people’s feet. It doesn’t hurt at all, such fish are used in beauty salons for skin peeling.

River Kwai

The river Kwai (Khwayai) has the status of one of the most popular attractions in Thailand. This river has gained worldwide popularity due to the film “Bridge over the River Kwai”.

The River Kwai is a tropical river passing through the jungle. Here there is an opportunity to make rafting on the river on a large wooden raft in the midst of exotic picturesque nature. If desired, you can swim along the river for a raft, this is for more extreme people.

It’s not every day you have to have dinner on a raft surrounded by green jungles and spend the night in a bungalow located right on the river among wildlife. An excursion to the river Kwai from Pattaya is a complete exoticism and relaxation, nowadays you need to visit such places more often, breaking away from noisy megacities, retiring with wildlife.

I advise you to be sure to have warm clothes with you, at night and in the morning it can be cool on the river.

Bridge over the River Kwai

A popular attraction in Thailand is the bridge over the River Kwai, which is also called the Road of Death. During the Second World War, Japanese troops created this road to supply their troops to Burma. Many workers died during the construction process. During the war, the bridge was destroyed. As a result, it was restored.

Today, this bridge over the River Kwai is a monument reminding of the grave consequences of the war, and at certain times a train passes by rail, in which tourists have the opportunity to pass. You can also just walk on foot, admiring the beauty of nature. The places where the road passes are very fascinating and picturesque.

Near the railway there is a cave Tham Crasea, where there is a large statue of Buddha. They say that during the war there was a bomb shelter in this cave.

Monkey Temple

According to the name, there are a lot of monkeys living on the territory of this temple, who are already accustomed to tourists constantly feeding them.

Be careful, these animals can rip off gold or valuables. Therefore, it is better to take off everything valuable.

A trip to the river Kwai takes you into the atmosphere of Thai life, leaves a lot of positive impressions, new knowledge, interesting stories about this colorful country of Thailand and opens a new page of travel in your life.

What to take with you:

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Drinking water
  • Swimsuit (for swimming at the waterfall and in the river Kwai)
  • Towel
  • A set of replaceable clothes and underwear
  • Headdress
  • Sunscreen
  • Warm clothes (there are air conditioners in the tour bus, it may be cool. It can be cool on the River Kwai in the morning and at night).
  • Photo camera
  • Good mood

In the next article I will tell you what else interesting things you can see in Thailand.

I wish you bright and eventful travels!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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