Exotic Orchard in Pattaya and snake show

The sunny country of Thailand is rich in a diverse fruit world. In Thailand, there is a picturesque Orchard in Pattaya, where you can see how exotic fruits grow. In the garden, you can enjoy the silence and the surrounding picturesque nature, diluting this relaxation with extreme entertainment.

Exotic orchard in Pattaya

The territory of the Orchard is divided into various thematic zones, which have formed a whole complex of recreation and entertainment. You can see plantations of vegetables grown in special hydro-parks and planting of fruit trees. There are about 20 of the most famous fruits in the garden, and there are also many exotic fruits that you will not find in Russia. In one of the houses with a thatched roof, you can try cocktails made from fresh fruits, and taste various exotic fruits of Thailand. The picturesque landscape of the garden contrasts perfectly with the bridges connecting the shores of ponds, which are suitable for walking. In this natural paradise, you can walk endlessly, enjoying the greenery of tropical nature and tranquility.

In Russia, you can not see all the exotic fruits that grow in Thailand. This is because these fruits are very tender and will not tolerate long transportation. There is such an exotic fruit Durian, considered the king of fruits in Thailand, it has a specific taste, and a terribly pungent unpleasant smell. For this reason, it is forbidden to bring the fetus to hotels and carry it on an airplane.

Picturesque fruit garden in Pattaya invites everyone to the tea house, where you can taste teas of different flavors under a quiet Thai melody, and then you can buy them. In addition to tea, balms, medicinal tinctures and haberdashery made of snake skin are sold.

For lovers of entertainment in the garden there is an extreme snake show in a terrarium and cockfights.


Exotic cockfights are considered one of the favorite entertainments of Thais. During the battle, a bet is made and a sweepstake is in effect.

Snake Show

Snake show is another entertainment for Thais. The show features venomous cobras, pythons and other snakes. They follow the trainer’s commands, faithfully performing everything. At the end of the show, you can take a picture with these exotic creatures.

The orchard in Pattaya provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the exotic nature of Thailand with picturesque views, and surprises with its extreme entertainment.

In the next article I will tell you about the exotic fruits of Thailand. What is their taste and how to choose them correctly.

I wish you a picturesque journey!

Author Olga Avrakh

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