For happiness, an American needs $ 6 thousand, and a Russian needs twice as much…

How much money does it take to be happy?

American scientists have conducted a number of studies and found out that the average American needs about $ 6 thousand per month to be happy, which will cover his necessary expenses. But how much money does a Russian need for happiness?
It turned out that it would cost two times less – $ 3 thousand.
For most Russians, this amount sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?

Of course, we are not alone in this situation.
In the world, most families live from paycheck to paycheck, not allowing themselves too much, and this does not please.
However, some of them feel happy and successful, while others, on the contrary, are deeply unhappy.

So the very concept of happiness does not depend on the amount of money you earn?
Hence the conclusion that happy is not the one who has a lot of money, but the one who has enough…

The World Bank has established an approximate scale of poverty:

  • The poverty line, where about every fifth inhabitant of the world falls, occurs if a person accounts for up to $ 1.25 per day.
  • From $2 to $4 is an economically unstable group.
  • Over $4 – people are no longer poor.

If there are free funds left

As you know, most of us, having an income of more than $ 4 a day, are already among the successful (of course, I exaggerate …).
And since in our country a salary of $ 3 thousand is available to units, it will be right to use the good old advice: “Saving a drowning person is the work of the drowning person himself”…

Everything will be much easier for us.
Having analyzed our expenses for the month, and even better, having drawn up a plan of expenses and expected income, we find out how much money remains free.
Every family should have such a plan. Now you can clearly imagine which group you belong to.

If after paying all the payments and planned expenses (gasoline, travel, food …) you still have free funds – feel relieved.
You are already a person who is not bound by debts and you can start making plans for the future.

Someone will be happy that they can afford to go shopping, someone will spend money on entertainment, and someone will save money and start saving for a cherished dream.

Happiness depends on the amount of money earned or how do you dispose of it?

If this state of affairs does not please you, then there is only one way out — to find additional types of earnings.

Many of us “go headlong” into business, work, part-time jobs…
However, think about whether it is worth spending your whole life on an endless race for the best material goods.
After all, every year housing, cars, gadgets will become steeper, fashion is more changeable and you will have to catch up all your life…

Or maybe you should stop for a moment and think about changing your values and priorities?
To allocate free time for self-education, hobbies, for walks and outings with the family, to visit and please your elderly parents with a cake, to meet friends in a cafe, etc.

According to Pareto ‘s Lawsuch a lifestyle will lead you to well-being and feeling happy faster than earning money with uncontrolled expenses, constant fatigue and lack of sleep.

Most people who have achieved success and prosperity have always been able not only to earn money, but also to use it correctly. invest.
Modesty in spending, support of family and friends, self-education and good rest, helped them not to break down and become those who flaunt on the covers of magazines and who are talked about from TV screens.

Good luck to all and prosperity!

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