How to invest money to have an income?

Do you trust your pillow?

“Why start investing at all? Why do I need it when I can keep my money under my pillow?”, says one of my friends.
He works 12 hours a day, spends another 2 hours on the trip home and to work, watches TV for 2 hours and goes to bed.
He doesn’t take a vacation because he believes that the “big boss” will notice him and raise his salary. And such a case is not an isolated one, and 75% of people think the same way. People don’t think about how to invest money so that it brings income…

And in general, why do people want to earn more at all?

Someone dreams of buying a car, someone wants to buy new clothes every month and look brilliant. And someone wants to live in their own apartment in the city center. And this list can be continued indefinitely.
And what do you think people are doing for this?

Most are trying to earn more and find a more worthwhile job.
But when you want to buy something expensive, what do you start doing?
Correctly. Hoard.

You’ve saved up for something at least once in your life, haven’t you?
Then you know that this process requires a lot of patience and willpower.
Do you remember how you wanted to take your savings and spend them? Remember, don’t you?

How does your money turn from 200 thousand to 160 thousand in a year?

Sometimes you still manage to accumulate the necessary amount, and one day you reach your cherished goal.
But do you know what the most amazing thing is?

Many people in our age of progress and opportunities continue to believe that saving hard-earned money is under the pillow.
Such people usually say, “This way I feel safer.”
And they are not even afraid of even the terrible word – inflation.

Imagine: you have worked hard for a whole year and have saved a tidy sum of 100,000 rubles.
And although you can safely buy yourself an old car for this amount, but you want something newer and decided to dig up more.
You put your savings in a safe, locked it with a big thick lock, and now you carry the key with you – well, for security…

A year has passed, you still worked hard and saved another 100,000rubles. Tempting, isn’t it?

But while you were working, Mrs. Inflation did not even think to rest!
She worked just like you all the time – 24 hours a day!
And how much money do you think you will have left in a year?
Do you think 200,000rubles? Not at all.
Taking into account the “real inflation”, you will lose 20,000-40,000rubles per year!

And the value of your money will no longer be 200,000, but 160,000 rubles.
So what to do, how to avoid it?

It’s funny, but I was very amused by the answer of one of my friends: “So, we urgently need to spend so that inflation does not reach them!”.

Some people think so – they don’t even know the vital little things.
How do I know that?
Try to interview 100 people – what will they answer you?

Of course – investing. Inflation can and should be overcome.

Let’s get the money out from under the pillow and start making them work!

Therefore, the first thing to start with is not to make a decision until you read a wonderful article about a German pensioner and make sure that competent investing is available to everyone.

“An old lady in a million”…

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