If you decide to sell the apartment yourself…

How to sell an apartment on your own

If you want to significantly reduce the cost of selling an apartment, it will be much more profitable to sell the apartment yourself.
You will save well on the services of intermediaries in the form of real estate agencies and reduce your expenses.
It will not only be cheaper, but also much faster.

Why? Yes, because no one but you is more interested in this!

It’s no secret that every agency is only interested in receiving commissions and it doesn’t care what amount you get.
If the agency has several apartments in your segment, it will deal with more profitable and promising offers, i.e. those that will bring more commission.

If you have decided to sell an apartment on your own, then here are some valuable tips…

1. Making an ad

It is better to take on the preparation of an ad, even if you use the services of an agency.
No one but you will devote a lot of time to making an ad, editing photos and, of course, drawing up an apartment plan.

The speed of the sale depends on how plausibly and accurately your apartment will be described.
You should understand that giving a deliberately false description of the apartment, you are just wasting your time.
All your impressions will be in vain, because the buyer goes to see exactly what he was hooked on in this ad and it is unlikely that he will change his mind after seeing something completely different from what he expected.
Therefore, we describe everything as it is, but at the same time we are seriously preparing for the screenings.

If you have entrusted the preparation of an ad to an agent, it will not be superfluous to check it and make your own amendments, thereby you will reduce unnecessary impressions and your free time.

How to make an ad for the sale of an apartment correctly

If we have set a firm goal to sell an apartment quickly and profitably, then first we need to work on preparing it for sale.
We have already considered this in the previous article.

How to prepare an apartment for sale…

The next step is to make a standard ad indicating the number of rooms, the square footage, the description of the number of floors of the house, and then list all our advantages, choosing them from the list below.

So, the moments that positively affect the sale of an apartment:

1. Availability of documents (residents have been discharged, all documents on the absence of debt, etc.)
2. Net sale (no chains)
3. One or two adult owners (there are no minor children or other restrictions in the form of absent owners)
4. Good or cosmetic repairs
5. Replacement or new plumbing
6. Replacement of windows, doors
7. Glazed balcony
8. Built-in furniture (kitchen, cabinets, etc.)
9. Legalized redevelopment
10. Availability of an elevator (regular or freight)
11. Garbage chute
12. Good neighbors
13. Clean entrance
14. Clean yard with landscaped grounds
15. Availability of kindergarten, school, shops, sports and cultural facilities
16. Accessibility of public transport
17. Proximity of forest, park, river, etc.
18. Availability of parking or parking spaces
19. The sunny side
20. Beautiful view from the window
21. Clean air, good ecology

If there are minor shortcomings of the apartment, then it is better not to specify this point in the ad, but to prepare and explain when showing.
If the shortcomings are significant, it is better to reflect in the ad, so as not to mislead the buyer.
And as you understand, in this case it will not be possible to sell an apartment expensively, and in some cases you will even have to drop the price or find such positive moments that will outweigh all the negativity.…

Treat the preparation of an ad for the sale of an apartment very carefully.
This will help save you not only nerves, but also money.
After all, you pay for a simple empty apartment out of your pocket.

2. We place an ad in all available real estate databases

These will be not only large portals, but also small local ones.
Sometimes, in small databases, your ad may be more noticeable and stand out favorably from others.

Don’t forget that the more potential buyers see your ad, the faster a buyer will be found.

3. We answer phone calls and apartment screenings

Determine the time when it will be convenient for you to show the apartment so that it does not turn into a big problem.
It is not necessary to assign impressions at different time intervals.
For example, you can determine the evening time from 18 to 19, when you will definitely be at home.

Don’t be afraid to show the apartment to several buyers at the same time.
If they see that other people are also interested in this apartment, then there is demand, competition, and as you know, this can play in your favor.

4. Execution of the transaction

Registration and support of purchase and sale transactions is the prerogative of lawyers, so a real estate agent is practically not needed here.
Now many banks have services that accompany the transaction comprehensively, i.e. prepare contracts, provide a bank cell, register the transfer of ownership rights.
More and more transactions are carried out precisely according to this type of registration, where this service is paid for by the seller separately.

If you still decide to use the services of agencies, and they do not participate in the preparation of the contract and registration of rights, then you will need to agree in advance and not include these services in the price.

When making a transaction, you need to carefully read the contract yourself and instruct your lawyer to carefully check all the nuances.
Buyers, for their part, should also involve a lawyer who knows all the points of support and verification of the purity of the transaction.


All that we talked about above up to 4 points is the work of the agency.
Now think carefully, do you want to pay the agency for a few steps that you can do yourself, paying only for the services of a lawyer?

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