Important principles of business communication

Etiquette of business communication

The etiquette of business communication is those sets of rules that will help to conduct negotiations competently and leave a good impression of yourself.
After all, you will agree that it is not difficult to observe several important principles that are used in any situations when communicating with partners.

Experts say that the following points are important for observing business etiquette:

  • The first is the principle of mutual respect, which all participants must observe;
  • The second is the principle of priority of the senior over the junior partner;
  • The third is the priority of a woman over a man;
  • The fourth concerns the aesthetic aspects of the meeting;
  • The fifth is hygiene.

Psychologists believe that respect is politeness and respect for differences in status.
It is necessary to properly observe parity, in other words, the advantages of partners, their priorities and equality.

The rigidity of following these rules is largely determined by traditions, cultural values that have historically developed in a particular country or locality.
The requirements of etiquette apply only to those who voluntarily assume responsibilities towards other persons.

Subtleties of business communication

Many aspects of behavior are dictated by the status of the partner.

Priorities by status have:

  • The boss in relation to the subordinate;
  • Then the priority of the elder relative to the younger is taken into account;
  • A woman has priority over a man;
  • More experienced specialists before the inexperienced;
  • The group is in front of one person.

Many other factors are taken into account here.
For example, such as the difference in status, personal or working established relationships, and the personal will of a more senior partner in the position.

Nuances of communication between a man and a woman in a business environment

It should be borne in mind that in an official situation, with a very large difference in positions, the status of a subordinate woman is lower than that of a male boss.
But in an informal setting, a man may well behave like a gentleman and let a woman go ahead by opening the door for her.
So he will demonstrate respect for a woman and his good manners.

In this situation, a woman does not need to give up the privileges offered by her boss.
However, it would be indecent if she herself began to make decisions about her advantage and demonstrate it.
In such a situation, you need to very subtly catch the edge in a relationship, be a virtuoso.

In addition, different countries have their own rules of etiquette in relation to men to business women. Especially in Muslim countries and Central Asia.
Therefore, it will be right to study them before the trip.
This will allow you not only to conduct negotiations with partners with dignity, but also to lay the foundation for the future.
Agree that it is much more pleasant to establish business relations with a person who respects your traditions.

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