Life in Thailand. Interview with a resident of Pattaya who moved from Russia

There are many of our compatriots living in Thailand, one of whom shared his experience of living in this country for my blog. Having once flown abroad for a week, the duration and frequency of his further trips increased, and for almost 8 years he has been living in Thailand. What is so attractive about this country? Expensive Life in Thailand? Do Russians need a visa in Thailand? You will find answers to these questions and not only.

– Tell us a little about yourself.

– My name is Evgeny. I live in Thailand in the city of Pattaya, and I come from the Russian city of Kazan. He is an energy engineer by education. He was engaged in ballroom dancing and Thai boxing. In Thailand, I organize excursions, taxis, transfers, and rentals. I like to travel. And plan even more complicated trips. It so happened that once I arrived abroad for a week, the duration and frequency of my further trips increased.

— How long have you lived in Thailand? What prompted you to leave Russia and why did you choose Thailand?

— I’ve been living in Thailand for 7-8 years. I didn’t count. I visit Russia, and there are no people who have moved completely in the case of Thailand. This is a visa issue, and banal in the summer in Russia, too, there are a lot of advantages. In Thailand, people are more open and it is easier to be realized. Before Thailand from Southeast Asia, I was also in Indonesia. And later traveled to all other countries. I don’t like Muslim countries somehow. In other respects, Thailand is ahead of neighboring countries in terms of living standards, and this is important to me. For example, Singapore is not suitable for the reason that it is somehow not sincere and too expensive.

— What do you need to move to live in Thailand?

— The answer without problems is money.

— Do Russians need a visa in Thailand? What are the types of visa and what are the nuances of obtaining it?

— You can stay in the Kingdom of Thailand without a visa for up to 30 days. After this period, you need to apply for a visa.

There are several types of visa: tourist, educational, pension, family and business visa. The simplest ones are tourist and study visas.

Also , visas are divided into 2 categories:

  • Single-entry visa: the validity period is up to 90 days, the price is $ 40, and you can enter the country only once.
  • Multivisa: the validity period is up to six months, the price is $ 200, you can enter and leave the country many times.

— There are many Russians living in Thailand. Why do you think they choose this country?

– Sanuk Suai Sabai Manpenrai. In another way, this is the feeling when everything goes as it should, around positive and smiling people, a favorable climate, the sea, nature, fruits, and motives decide everything. Perfect.

— To avoid the language barrier while living in Thailand, is it necessary to speak Thai?

— There is such a language “Taiglish”, which consists of primitive English and the most common Thai words. It’s simple, it’s enough to know a basic set of 30 Thai words that you can learn in a month. This makes life in Thailand much easier.

– Expensive life in Thailand?

– Expensive-cheap relatively.

  • For example, the price of a small studio apartment (an area of 23 sq.m.) starts from $ 20,000.
  • Rent a small studio – from $ 150.
  • The cost of utilities in Thailand varies as follows. A month usually comes out 1000-1500 baht (1800-2700 rubles). for a small condo of 30 squares. In houses of 6000-12000 baht (10800-21700 rubles) bills are not uncommon.
  • The Internet is much more expensive than in Russia.
  • Food prices are about the same as in Russia, but there are more quality products and services in Thailand. This is much more important.

— How are things on the labor market in Thailand?

– Almost all Russians live in resorts: Pattaya, Phuket. They earn, respectively, in the field of tourism. I’m no exception. I am engaged in: organization of excursions, taxis, transfers, rent. If we touch on the financial issue, there are no average salaries in resort towns. For example, a saleswoman receives about 12,000 baht (21858 rubles). And for a farang (as Thais call people who come from another country), the minimum wage is 40,000 baht (72860 rubles).

— Why do the locals love Thailand? Why do you love this country?

– The locals are Thais. They are patriots, and they love their country and the king. This is not a theorem, but an axiom. I have met many people in Thailand in my life with whom I am on the same wavelength. I like that motives decide everything. And the law of karma works very fast. Sometimes, literally on the same day.

— Do Thais choose Russia as a tourist destination?

– Yes, there are a couple of Thai friends who were in Russia. I have one in my VK friends, his name is Tam. But I think most people are not interested in Russia.

– Are you traveling? What does traveling give you?

– yes. Travel sometimes gives the feeling that yes, that’s why it was worth so much to travel. I like to study the culture of other countries, and try it on myself.

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to move to another country.

– Don’t think about moving. Plan a trip for 3 months and you will find the answers yourself.

Contacts of Evgeny:
Vk: vk.com/pattaya_sabai
Guided tours website: tourpattaya.ru
Forum: tayh.ru
Facebook: art666@bk.ru
Instagram: pattayasabai

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