The best beaches of Pattaya

For the most part, people come to the exotic country of Thailand for the warm sea, golden beaches and water sports. Pattaya is a great place for these purposes, and is considered one of the most popular seaside resorts in Thailand.


Tien Beach
Samae Beach
Tavaen Beach
Nual Beach

Many vacationers are disappointed by the beaches of Pattaya, because their expectations of beautiful and clean beaches are not justified. But I found a paradise and the cleanest beach in Pattaya. This is Tien Beach with clear azure water and snow-white soft sand on Koh Lan Island, near Pattaya, which I will tell you about below.

Some beaches of Pattaya are not distinguished by clean sea and sand. Even Jomtien Beach, which is considered one of the cleanest, did not arouse my sympathy. The reason was a dirty, muddy sea, and sometimes lying garbage on the shore. There is a road near the beach, respectively, there will be noise and din of constantly signaling transport, again, an unpleasant factor for a full-fledged beach holiday. But I want to be on the wave, and find the best beaches in Pattaya. And they are. Not far from Pattaya on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, there is an amazing island of Koh Lan, attracting clean sea and golden beaches. On the territory of each beach there are cafes, restaurants, various shops and water activities, as well as bungalows in which you can settle. Entrance to the beaches is free, you will only need to pay for a sunbed and an umbrella.

Koh Lan Island beaches

Tien Beach

I give the honorable first place to Tien beach with snow-white soft sand, transparent azure sea, and exotic places and views. This is the cleanest beach in Pattaya that I managed to get acquainted with, and it is the best beach on Koh Lan in Pattaya.

For myself, I noted that Tien beach on Koh Lan is the most beautiful, picturesque and well—groomed, which can be assigned the status of a paradise place. There is a quieter, secluded atmosphere and there is not a large crowd of people, as on other beaches. There is a fairly wide coastal zone, with a shallow shallow shore. The beach is rich in coral reefs, which means you can admire marine life underwater.

If you walk along the shore, you can find a swing hanging directly over the sea or a hammock on a tree, and even an abandoned ship, which gives a special flavor to this beach.

Samae Beach

Samae Beach is very popular among vacationing tourists. The beach is large and quite wide with a gentle and sandy bottom, clear water and soft white sand.

There are viewing platforms on the territory, where you are inspired by the gorgeous mesmerizing views of the coast and the exotic nature of the island. On such an exotic beach, you can meet picturesque sunsets and sunrises of incredible beauty or just retire with nature.

Tavaen Beach

Tavaen is a large sandy beach on Koh Lan Island. Very popular among vacationers. The sea here is not the cleanest, and there are a lot of people, because the ferry stays at the pier, which is located on this beach, and many stay here. I advise you to choose other beaches of the island.

Nual Beach

Nual Beach (Monkey Beach) is popular for its exotic nature and its inhabitants.

There is a hill on the beach where monkeys live, already accustomed to being constantly fed by tourists. The water on Nual Beach is clear and quite clean. Here you can do water sports: diving and snorkeling.

The picturesque and charming Koh Lan island will not leave anyone indifferent, its beaches attract like a magnet. A beautiful sea shimmering in the sun surrounded by exotic nature is an amazing Koh Lan island in Thailand!

The beaches of Koh Lan Island are amazing, picturesque, they charge with energy that beckons to return to these places again and again.

How to get to Koh Lan Island from Pattaya:

  • Ferryboat. Departs from Bali Hai Pier, which is located near Walking Street. The most budget option. Travel time is approximately 1 hour.
  • Speedboat. This is a high-speed boat with a capacity of 12 people. Departs from Bali Hai Pier or any beach. The price will be more expensive, but you will be taken exactly to the beach where you ask. The journey time is about 30 minutes.

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I wish you sunny sea voyages!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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