The difference between a recruitment agency and an employment agency

Job Search Tips

When a person is looking for a job, as they say, all methods are good.
Someone looks through a bunch of ads in newspapers and on the Internet, someone asks for help from their friends, and someone just knocks on all open doors and offers their services.

All these are methods of independent job search.
However, you can also look for a job with the help of a recruitment agency or an employment agency.

The difference between agencies

The main difference between them is who will be the client who will pay for the agency’s services.

Medium and large companies apply to recruitment agencies, for which personnel is selected.
Recruitment agencies are paid by the employer, i.e. the company that applied for recruitment.

Employment agencies work with people who are interested in finding a job.
Payment for job search services is made by the person who asked for help.

Look for a job on your own or use the services of an agency?

Both in the first and in the second case there are pros and cons.

As a rule, independent job search requires a lot of time.
Finding a suitable job is not so easy, before you do it, you will call a whole bunch of “left” offices, and also have the risk of running into an unscrupulous employer altogether.

If you contact a serious recruitment agency, it can multiply your chances of employment.
After all, reputable organizations are afraid for their reputation and therefore carefully monitor their customer base, carefully choosing employers.

Of course, by contacting a recruitment agency, you can run into some kind of “scam”, but contacting a really solid organization reduces this probability to almost zero.

If you look at any resource dedicated to job search, you will see that, as a rule, the most interesting vacancies are placed by recruitment agencies.
This is quite understandable: after all, most organizations prefer to use the services of recruiting agencies, rather than independently publish vacancies.
If the organization has money, then why not shift this layer of work to a specialized agency?

Thus, by contacting a recruitment agency, you not only minimize the risk of running into an unscrupulous employer, but also get access to a large database of interesting and serious vacancies. Also, a recruitment manager can help you understand the trend in the job market specifically for your field of work and in matters related to employment.

Whether to use such an intermediate link in job search or not is up to you to choose, for greater efficiency you can even combine these two methods and see which of them will give the best result.

Tips for finding a job through agencies

If you have applied to agencies more than once and could not find a job, then you do not need to mention this fact at any interview in the future.
As a rule, the employer looks at such a person as capricious or having serious shortcomings.
If several agencies could not “sell” you, then you are a “product” that is not in demand in the labor market.

If you post your vacancy on the Internet or in a newspaper, then recruitment agencies will contact you, inviting you for an interview.
As a rule, many of them do not represent anything good, so it is better to choose several well-known agencies in your city and leave your own resume there.

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