The suitcase method is for those who are mired in problems

How to deal with problems

Many of your friends can give a lot of advice on how to cope with problems.
However, as you understand, few of these things work.

A person copes with problems best when he can, at least schematically, depict them.
The same approach can be used when you are busy with things, but you have absolutely no idea how to deal with all this, there is not enough time.

To begin with, you need to clearly imagine how irreversible time is, and that it is limited.
This method is just for you, and we will call it the “Suitcase Method”.

Suitcase Method

Start getting ready for an imaginary trip when you need to take everything with you to achieve the goal, namely, “comfortably spend the trip”.

The space of the suitcase is limited, if you hurriedly throw things there, you will end up with a sloppy mountain of folded junk.
No matter how hard you try to stuff everything you need into one suitcase, nothing will work.
It just won’t fit.
Things will crumple, break, fall out and fall out…

So, the volume of the suitcase is the time that you have, and all that you are trying to squeeze in there is a to-do list. The problem is the aimlessness of your fees, i.e. you cannot cope with problems with this method.

Your suitcase is the way to achieve the goal, in our case – “comfortably spend the trip”.

You’re trying to put more in there than is necessary to achieve the goal.
As a result, halfway through the suitcase will fall apart from overload, and all your things will scatter in the wind, some will break, some will break, some will be lost altogether.
That is, the goal has not been achieved.

How to deal with problems by putting them in suitcases

The first thing you do is put things in order.
From irreplaceable and important, to those that are not very important to achieve the goal.
And starting from the volume of the suitcase, you remove everything that turned out to be in the end.

You remove unimportant things that are not needed to achieve the goal in this time period.
So all the remaining things will fit freely, will not be lost, will not crumple and a pleasant trip is provided for you.
That is, all things are done properly, and the goal is achieved.

Your whole life is a set of such suitcases with problems.
Of course, I would like to put everything, but we need to limit ourselves only to what is really necessary.

Identify 3-4 goals for the near future, “put them in suitcases” and follow the chosen path.
Then you will clearly see that the volume of your suitcases is limited, which means that you need to use it as efficiently as possible.

Fill your life only with what is really important and necessary, and leave everything unnecessary out of life, let others fill their suitcases with it.

Kaizen is a unique method of how to develop habits to achieve goals and cope with problems…

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