What to bring from Israel

My trip to Israel did not go without shopping. Israel is famous for Dead Sea cosmetics, antiques, jewelry and other tempting things. I will tell you about shopping in the promised land and give you tips on what to bring home with you, and as a gift to family and friends.

Shops and shopping centers are open from Sunday to Thursday from 8.00-10.00 to 20.00-22.00. During Shabbat, shops close on Friday at 13.00 or 14.00, Saturday is a day off. They start working on Sunday. In Israel, you can bargain in markets and bazaars. I recommend visiting the bazaar in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Flea Market in Jaffa.

The currency of Israel is the shekel.

What to bring from Israel

  • Jewelry

Israel is the world’s largest exporter of diamonds. There are a great many jewelry stores here. For me, it was an unforgettable encounter with fine jewelry. Most of them are simply incredibly beautiful.

You can buy precious stones and jewelry on the Diamond Exchange. Its branches are located in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Eilat and other cities.
Other jewelry stores: Ronit Cohen jewelry, Rotem jewelry and Stones Jewelry in Tel Aviv, Danny Eliav Jewelry in Jerusalem. Of course, this is not the whole list, because there are a lot of shops.

  • Israeli Cosmetics of the Dead Sea

This is the business card of Israeli shopping. I think no girl will leave this country without Dead Sea cosmetics. Girls, this is a paradise with all kinds of masks, shampoos, peels, oils, creams, etc., containing minerals and salts of the Dead Sea and known for their beneficial properties.

Of course, I purchased such funds. This is a hair care consisting of shampoo, mask and hair oil brand “Sea of SPA”. Face mask and peeling. I really liked the Israeli cosmetics of the Dead Sea that I purchased, especially my hair was satisfied. And the price tag by the way is very acceptable.
Popular manufacturers of cosmetics: “Sea of SPA”, “Sea of Life”, “Ahava”.

  • Sea salt and mud

Usually sea salt and mud are brought as a gift from Israel. These are natural ingredients, straight from the Dead Sea. Therefore, when asked what to bring from Israel for a gift, I answered you.
I took for myself a mud mask for the face, body mud and bath salt.

  • Antiques

In Israel, you can find a lot of antiques. These are various antiquities: coins, ceramics of ancient times, antique jewelry, etc. You can buy antique items in an antique licensed store, or at a flea market. One of these is located in the city of Jaffa. This place is a paradise for collectors of such things.

Advice! Not all antique items are allowed to be exported from Israel. Everything that was created before 1700 can be exported with a written permission from the Department of Antiquities and a tax paid.

  • Ceramics

Various ceramic vases, jugs, decorative plates for interior decoration, do not leave anyone indifferent.

  • Silk products

All over the world, the country of Israel is famous for the production of natural silk of good quality. You can buy various beautiful scarves and shawls made of natural silk, as well as tablecloths made of silk of various bright colors.

  • Minor

And what to bring from Israel as a souvenir. I will advise Minoru – this is a candlestick, considered a symbol of Israel. You can see it everywhere. Usually it is just bought as a souvenir from Israel.

This is certainly not a complete list of what to bring from Israel. I described the elements of shopping, which I considered the most basic and important in this country, and what I took away from this shit myself. Of course, there are a great many souvenirs and other things, many things of a religious nature, clothes, shoes, wine, etc.

Israeli shopping will satisfy all tastes with its interesting, useful and unusual things.

Enjoy shopping!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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