A business woman should look 100%%

The image of a business woman

In the modern world, the concept of a business woman has been widely developed.
As a result of emancipation and the struggle for equality, there have become so many businesswomen that, it seems, housewives are no longer to be found.
However, many do not know what the image of a business woman actually includes…

First impression

The first impression of a person is formed based on his appearance.

A business woman should always look her best.
This is one of the factors of its success.
If a housewife can afford to leave the house without makeup with her hair in a bun, then it is not permissible for a business woman.

Psychologically, a businesswoman is different from an ordinary woman.
She can’t sit still, she needs to constantly develop, grow and communicate with people.

You can become a businesswoman over time, depending on the circumstances, or you can be one from birth.

In childhood, future businesswomen can be distinguished by how they behave among their peers, how they study, how they achieve goals.
As a rule, such girls prefer socializing with boys.
They study well and strive to achieve their goals.
In the future, they share the position of equality between men and women.

Women who do not have business skills from birth become businesswomen under the influence of circumstances.
They are pushed to do this by the need to provide for a child, divorce, and so on.

The manner of communication of a business woman

Nonverbal signs coming from you should show your respectful attitude towards your business partner.

You must always be confident in yourself, in your abilities. Always watch your posture, don’t slouch.

When conducting negotiations, do not close yourself off from the interlocutor, do not cross your arms and legs.
This shows that you are not ready for a constructive dialogue.

Do not put a lady’s purse on your lap, but place it behind or to the side of you.

When greeting, give your hand in such a way that the partner can kiss or shake it, and leave the choice to him.

If you have people under your command, remember that most of the success is the relationship between the manager and the employees.
Therefore, show respect to your subordinates, then they will treat you with respect.
You need to know how to manage people correctly.

Business rules

The business style of clothing can be feminine.

In order for your activity not to fade away, but to grow, make a list of rules for yourself that should not be violated by you in any case.
For example, do not discuss your personal life with business partners.
Or keep your desktop exactly as a desktop, not a home corner.

Keep an eye on the little things. It is from them that the general impression of your personality consists.

Business style clothing for women

As they say, they meet by their clothes. Do not allow yourself too much in style.

Leave mini skirts and extreme stilettos for other occasions.
Wear feminine jackets and pencil skirts or trousers.

Even observing the business style of clothing, you can look feminine and attractive.
Your hands should always be well-groomed, correct your manicure in time.

Features of the psychology of a business woman

Harvard scientists have found out the main aspects of the psychology of businesswomen.
In their opinion, they have a pronounced personality, combined with femininity.
Business women are not masculine.
They are intellectually and physically developed.

Business women know how to achieve their goals, they are assertive and willing to take risks.
Such women objectively perceive criticism and comments in their address.

Business women, as a rule, can easily transfer their powers to subordinates.
They can also quickly change their social role.
A business woman can easily join the work of a mother, wife, and so on.

It’s not easy to be a businesswoman, but there are good sides to it.
Such a role in society disciplines, allows you to always be in shape and not stop before difficulties.

Basic rules of office etiquette…

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