Basic rules of office etiquette

Office etiquette

Getting along with several people at once in a small area is always problematic.
Everyone has their own character, their own habits and attitude towards people. Therefore, office etiquette helps to smooth out “sharp corners”.
Observing the basic rules, you will not only be happy to go to work, but also significantly increase your work efficiency.
So, the rules:

Prohibition on discussing personal problems on the office phone

A phone question is the first rule that you should pay attention to.
A bad assessment of a child at school, problems in the relationship between a friend and her boyfriend, or the latest news from friends, of course, these are very important topics.
However, we still recommend that their discussion be postponed to a later period.
And even more so not to discuss these topics on the office phone.

Office refrigerator

The following rule applies to the office refrigerator, or rather its contents.
Hardly anyone can imagine a workplace without a cup of coffee.
Well, if there is coffee, it will not do without snacks.

In offices where many people have a snack, there will definitely be a refrigerator.
The main word here is office, but at the same time, someone may consider it their own too, i.e. common.
Such reasoning can lead to dislike of colleagues.
This path can become even shorter if you start using someone’s cup regularly.

Long conversations on a mobile phone in the office

Long conversations that are not related to work on a mobile phone will not cause warm emotions among your colleagues.
For example, if you talk about renting loaders.

By the way, the habit of leaving a mobile phone, this can also be attributed to annoying all colleagues.
You leave the office for half an hour, and in the meantime your phone does not stop talking…

We bring beauty – outside the office

The following rule applies to the fair sex.
Without a doubt, a well-groomed, beautiful girl causes only respect and a positive impression.
However, this can be achieved only if this very beauty is not brought to your workplace.
It is best to clean up in the ladies’ room.

A corporate party is not a place for the manifestation of unbridled emotions

Now let’s focus a little on corporate parties.
If at one of the corporate parties you have a desire to dance on the table.
Stop… think first about what your colleagues will think about you, with whom you will have to work again tomorrow.
A corporate party is not a holiday where you can relax from the heart.

Don’t annoy your colleagues with your free behavior

We recommend that you keep your personal workplace in proper shape at all times.
Another unshakable rule of office etiquette is not to roll up on a chair to a neighbor and brazenly look into someone else’s monitor, as well as use other people’s things without asking.
This is a gross violation of the rules.

Dress code — by default

And finally, even if the dress code is not accepted in the office, still observe some rules of decency.

Important principles of business communication…

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