The inspiring old town of Jaffa in Israel

In continuation of the story about my trip to Israel, I invite you to take a walk in the ancient and colorful city of Jaffa, which means beautiful in Hebrew.

The city of Jaffa has been founded for more than 3,000 years. It is believed that Noah built an ark here. And the city was founded by his son Japhet and named after him. One of the main ports of ancient Israel, the old port of Jaffa, has been preserved here. In ancient times, ships with pilgrims traveling to Jerusalem made their way here. Ancient Greek mythology says that Andromeda was liberated here by Perseus. And today, this city is considered a united city municipality in Israel. And I suggest you take a walk and find out what to see in Jaffa.

The sights of Jaffa attract with their history and ancient architecture with the interweaving of modern times. For myself, I have singled out a special place here, this is the old picturesque Jaffa – a whole storehouse of romantic legends and riddles. These are medieval narrow streets paved with cobblestones with warm and welcoming energy, accompanied by ancient silence.

What to see in Jaffa

Artists’ Quarter

Jaffa is famous for the artists’ quarter, where you can find art galleries, workshops, museums. Many artists and sculptors have settled here. Since I am a creative person, I was doubly curious to visit these places. Here I got a lot of inspiration, new thoughts and ideas.

Streets of the old city of Jaffa

The streets of the old city of Jaffa are named after the signs of the Zodiac. It is believed that if you have found your sign, then it is lucky) You can walk endlessly along these medieval winding streets and discover something new and interesting for yourself at every corner or in the most unexpected places. For example, paintings hanging directly on the walls of houses or inscriptions of various kinds. The streets are also accompanied by ceramic pots with decorative trees and flowers.

The streets are saturated with a peaceful atmosphere, lightness and attractiveness. I didn’t want to rush anywhere in this place, it beckons just to walk quietly and enjoy the flavor of ancient Jaffa. Here in such places you can put your thoughts in order, putting everything in your head on the shelves.

Monument in the form of an orange tree

A monument in the form of an orange tree hanging in the air attracted my special attention. This is the main attraction of Jaffa. What it symbolizes, everyone interprets differently. It is shrouded in its legends. Our guide told us that this is a symbol of the Jewish people, who were also torn off the ground and continued to bear fruit, like this tree, that is, to break forward. It seems to me that this tree is simply original in itself and harmonizes well with the architecture of this place.

The Franciscan Church of the Apostle Peter

There is a famous Franciscan church of the Apostle Peter in Jaffa. It was built in 1654 and consecrated in honor of St. Peter. At the end of the 18th century, the church was destroyed and rebuilt twice. The modern church building was erected at the end of the 19th century. The history of the church is connected with Saint Tabitha, one of the disciples of Jesus. It was here, in Jaffa, that the holy righteous Tabitha was resurrected by the Apostle Peter. The Church of the Apostle Peter surprises with its interior, its high vaulted ceilings, various stained glass windows and marble walls.

In general, there are many temples and mosques in Jaffa. The largest is the Mahmoud Mosque on the central square, built in 1906.

Flea market in Jaffa

Shopaholics can enjoy the famous flea market in Jaffa. The choice here is great, everyone will be able to buy a thing for themselves. You can see a lot of antiques and vintage. Here they sell not only souvenirs and accessories familiar to all tourists, but also designer things. Every thing here finds its buyer.

The old town of Jaffa attracts those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle. Personally, he bribed me with his measured lifestyle and creative narrow streets with many secrets. In this place I was completely relaxed and immersed in this unique atmosphere.

How to get to Jaffa from Tel Aviv:

  • Taxi
  • Bus on the route Tel Aviv Jaffa. Bus numbers: № 10, 46, 18, 25, 26.
  • Walking or cycling along the coast. Distance – about 3 km

I wish you pleasant walks!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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