Work and travel for free!

Sought-after professions abroad

Surely, each of us has ever dreamed of a job that allows us to visit different countries, meet interesting people without spending a penny!
Among other things, you earn money from traveling!
Look for sought-after professions abroad.
By choosing one of the listed professions, you will also be able to work and travel at the same time.


On the instructions of the editorial board, a journalist can be anywhere and anytime.
Just imagine: you need to interview a high-ranking official in Latin America.
You fly planes and helicopters, spend the night in fashionable hotels, attend high-society receptions.… And on your return, you write a stunning article.
Although, of course, there may be another option: to write an article about the latest events in Chechnya or Iraq.
Then you will have to forget about hotels and beaches and while away the time in a tent on the slope of some mountain.
In a word, the work of a journalist requires endurance and the ability to describe what he saw in an exciting way.
Any point on the planet can become your destination.

Makeup artist

As a rule, a makeup artist works together with a photographer.
The task of a person of such a creative profession is to prepare a model for filming.
These same shots can take place anywhere – in the desert, at an altitude of ten thousand meters or under water, so you need to be ready to paint the model even in the most extreme conditions.
In order to get this profession, it is enough to take courses of makeup artists and have good taste.


Almost every second girl in childhood dreamed of becoming a flight attendant.
If you are ready to conquer the sky and spend most of your life in the air, then this is what you need!
You can fly on the same plane with a Hollywood celebrity or ordinary citizens.
But you are always fit and charming for everyone.

In order to become a flight attendant, it is not enough to be fit and slim.
You will need a conversational foreign language, knowledge of self-defense and rescue techniques on the waters, secular manners and skills of a midwife, fireman and cook.
Not so much, right? But you will have a lot of opportunities to make an interesting acquaintance or wander around the city if they suddenly announce non-flying weather!

Tour guide

Where the tour group is, there you are.
In parallel with the stories about the monuments and sights of the country, you will have to look for gawking tourists and lost documents.
But all this becomes so insignificant when you see ten capitals of the world in ten days.
Requirements: specialized higher education or guide courses.
And, of course, good diction and delivered speech!

Top manager of a large company

Business is developing so rapidly that sometimes it becomes necessary to transfer to the office of a large Western company and stay in London or Madrid forever.
You will be able to make both long business trips and lightning trips to different parts of the world, make new acquaintances.
But get ready for the fact that you will have to work hard and hard: would-be specialists will not be called to a branch of a Western firm.
Therefore, you should have an economic, legal or specialized education, numerous courses and trainings, as well as the desire to improve.

Agree, any of the above professions are up to you: you just need your desire and perseverance.
And it’s worth it. Just imagine how in the evenings you will sit surrounded by grandchildren and talk about your youth: “And here is another funny incident that happened to me when I was in Zimbabwe …”

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