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Julia has been living in Finland for 7 years, where she moved to her future husband for a while back in 2013. As a result, they remained there to live, and do not understand how it happened. And now Julia shares her experience of moving and living in Finland.

Let’s get acquainted)

Hello. My name is Julia. I am a cleaner who tears up templates, washing toilets with an iPhone in her hand. This is my main job. And, I’m a blogger. I used to think it was a hobby. But I already have everything mixed up. Now, I have two parallel jobs that are closely related!

Tell us your story of moving to Finland.

I moved to Finland in 2013 for my future husband. For a while. But we stayed here, and we don’t understand how it happened. At first we worked on a farm. Now I’m joking that I’ve lost my citizenship. But we spent three years at the milking, and that was the beginning-the beginning.

Do you miss your homeland?)

Of course, we miss our relatives. But I can’t say that we miss our homeland. We moved too young, we didn’t have time to understand what was what. We miss, or rather sometimes remember, the student years from which we moved to Finland.

Was it difficult to adjust to life and culture in a new country?

Don’t know. This is a very difficult question. It seems to me that life is not enough to understand whether you have rebuilt or not. There are always nuances, traditions that are not clear. It is very difficult to plunge 100% into the culture. I think we will feel it a little later. When our son, who was born here, will become a part of this country more than ours. We will need to delve more.

life in finland for Russians

How to move to Finland for permanent residence?

  • The easiest way is for work. Before the pandemic, at least, there was.
  • You can come as a spouse, by marriage.
  • As a student.
  • There are actually quite a lot of programs and methods.

move to finland for permanent residence

Dear life in Finland?

In Finland, there is a very big difference depending on the location. We live far from the capital. You can buy a house from us and rent cheaper housing. I tell you everything in the blog.

  • We rent an apartment (two-bedroom) — 455€, plus light – ~ 45€, water – ~ 60€. It is very cheap, compared to the metropolitan region. There the price is three times higher.
  • Internet — ~ 30€.
  • Kindergarten: full day — 95€.

Food prices in Finland:

  • Eggs – 1,70€ (10 pieces)
  • Duck — 19€/kg
  • Cheese — 5€
  • Tangerines — 1€
  • Cucumbers — 3€/kg
  • Baguette – 1,50€
  • Black bread – 0.95€

Taxes: progressive taxation.

In general, prices always correspond to salaries. You can, of course, live from po to po. No one rules it out. But, basically, everything is within the limits of what is available.

move to finland for permanent residence

And how are things with work?

It’s hard to say anything right now. We’ll see after the end of the pandemic.

And so the most popular professions in Finland for 2020 are the following:

  • Medical staff and social workers
  • The field of computer technology
  • Agricultural industry
  • Forestry and wood processing industry
  • Educators, teachers, teachers

What kind salaries?

Salaries are different. For example, I have 10.88€ per hour. With 150 hours of work per month — 1500 € approximately.

All professions are paid differently. On the farm, for example, below. I speak for the farm because most often visitors start there. If you didn’t move as a specialist in some field, of course.

Salaries in Finland:

  • Doctors – 5440€/month
  • Caregivers — 2290€/month
  • Dentists – 4510€/month
  • Accountants — 2610€/month
  • In factories where a specialty is not needed, the average po is 12-13€/hour
  • On farms – 9-9.5€/hour

life in finland for Russians

What is the monthly budget (approximately) for a family for a comfortable life in Finland?

Again, it depends on the region. For three of us (my son is 2.5 years old), ~ 3500 € per month is enough, without living in luxury. Ideally, 5000€ is already a little bit possible to make a joke, travel around the country, postpone.

When did you move, how did you make new acquaintances, friends? After all, this topic is always relevant in a new country.

I moved in with a guy. At that time he lived here for 3 years. You can say that I have already wedged myself into a good company. It wasn’t difficult.

What are the pros and cons of living in Finland?

I always laugh that there are practically no disadvantages. Weather only. But, this year there is not even that. The summer was warm and the winter is not Finnish at all now. There’s not even snow.

And there are many advantages. I can’t, after 8 years of living here, highlight the pros and cons. It won’t be very objective. Even if there are these disadvantages, they are not significant. It is not for nothing that Finland has been leading the ranking of the happiest countries in the world for the third year.

finland pros and cons of life

What advice would you give to those who are planning to move to Finland for permanent residence?

I always say that you need to conduct a deep introspection! For what?! Moving is not always a solution to the current situation. We need to weigh everything well.

If you have already planned a move, ideally know the language, at least at a minimum level. This will help a lot.

To understand whether a person can survive in difficult moments without support. After moving, you are left alone with yourself and problems. And there will be a lot of them. No one has said that moving is a salvation from problems. Sometimes they are added even more in a foreign country.

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