Our hands are not for boredom! (13 photos)

Another collection of photographs that clearly demonstrates the existence of a huge number of talented people giving vent to their creativity.

1. “I make rings out of moss”

2. “The nicest thing I’ve ever done using nail polish and resin for a super-glossy look”

3. “It took a couple of months to 3D print and assemble this glow-in-the-dark 5-foot (152.4 cm) Tyrannosaurus rex for my son. The night light is no longer needed.”

4. “My friend painted this teapot”

5. “An owl carved on a (dead) tree near my favorite forest path”

6. “I made a sculpture out of sand”

7. “A head from a Barbie doll + stone-textured paint and I have a flower pot!”

8. “I made a very big Totoro”

9. “The stained glass mirror with a humpback whale that I made”

10. “Temperature blanket of 2021 (mainly London)”

11. “I have just completed the resin decor created on the marine theme”

12. “I knitted myself a wedding dress”

13. “Glass Space Pendant”

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