A five-book. Five years in one notebook

It is believed that keeping diaries is a purely girlish occupation, peculiar only to young schoolgirls. Very slowly and gradually, this stereotype is collapsing due to the appearance of five books. A five-book is an indispensable thing both for business people (after all, they are used to having all plans and tasks laid out “on the shelves”) and for those who just want to track and record the most important changes in their lives, their character and environment. Let’s study this innovation in more detail…

A five-book is a notebook that you have to fill out for five years. It has 366 pages (according to the number of days in a year), each of which is divided into five parts.

There are questions waiting for you on the pages, the answers to which you should write down on a specific day of each year. Each day has its own question.

Sometimes you are asked to write down your own question in a notebook and also answer it. There are 4 lines on each page for the answer. Thus, for five years you have been answering the same questions year after year, getting the opportunity to clearly see what has changed in your life in a year, two, three or more years.

What questions can be seen in the five-book

The five-book affects both everyday life and its most important milestones. The questions can be very important and serious (“If I find out that I have one day left to live, how will I spend it?”, “In a man/woman it is most important to me…”, “The ideal age for starting a family is …”), or they can relate to real little things — “The most stylish thing in my wardrobe”, “When was the last time I met with friends”, “What kind of pet I wanted(a) would you like to start?”… But they are all equally important, because even in a few months (not to mention a longer period), your habits, lifestyle, circle of acquaintances, place of work can change. All these changes will be reflected in the five-book. Looking through your answers to questions, you will see what nuances your life consists of and how it is changing. And it’s just interesting to see what happened to you on a particular day, what you learned or what pleased you.

You can start maintaining a five-book from any day of the year. But ideally, it is better to start filling it out on the first day of the coming year — so the information entered in the notebook will be more exhaustive.

Such a notebook can be made with your own hands, but if hand-made is not your strong suit at all, a five-book is easy to purchase. There are a great many of them in stationery departments and shops for creativity! Moreover— there are several types of five-books, from which you can easily choose your own.

What types of five- books are there

Pyatibooks differ not only in their size and design, but also in their purpose. So, for example, in stores you can see

  • a five-book for a creative person (it is large, with A4 sheets);
  • for a man;
  • for the dreamer;
  • for the traveler;
  • for a young mother;
  • for the cook;
  • for a stylish girl

etc… Each of us is unique, therefore, a five-book for everyone should be unique, reflecting individual characteristics. Choose the one that coincides exactly with your worldview and observe your own changes daily.

And let these changes please you!

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