7 life hacks for creativity

We live in a time that provides us with thousands of opportunities for self-expression. This article is dedicated to those who express themselves through creativity. And it doesn’t matter what exactly you do — drawing, embroidery, or maybe you write books. For every enthusiastic person, we offer useful life hacks for creativity -tricks, chips that will greatly simplify life and give twice as much joy from doing what you love.

1. Life hack for artists

To “reanimate” the brushes after diligent work with acrylic or oil, dip them into a glass of warm water, in which you first dissolve a handful of washing powder (or a little liquid plumbing cleaner). It is important that the place of attachment of the pile on the brushes is not submerged in water!

We leave the brushes in this water for an hour, then pull them out, wash them with soap and water and dry them. Voila – they’re as good as new!

2. Life hack for designers

To paint the wall in an original way, creating an ornament on it, wind knitting yarn on the coloring roller – not too tightly, but also not allowing the threads to dangle and hang from the roller. It will turn out something like the following:

3. Life hack for those who are fond of sewing

Tangled threads are a very unpleasant nuance of such a beautiful hobby as embroidery, or, for example, sewing dolls. It is tedious to untangle them for a long time, and until this process of “disconnecting” one thread from another is completed, inspiration will already disappear.

But there is a simple solution! Wind the threads on ordinary clothespins (one clothespin is one color of thread). When winding on it, the thread will “lie” flat. Now collect all the clothespins with threads to the box. No matter how the clothespins are mixed together, the threads will no longer get tangled.

4. Life hack for writers/copywriters/journalists

Do not use more than two font styles and colors in the text, more than two “fill” colors of the text. This will disperse the reader’s attention. It is better to separate the key points in the text in bold in the same style as you write the text. Flashbacks in the story and leads in the article should be done in italics.


5. Life hack for vocalists

While singing vowel sounds (especially on high notes), try to smile. No, this is not necessary to raise the mood and not for “working for the public.” Thanks to a smile, even a light one, the vowel sounds are cleaner, and it will be easier to get into the right notes.

6. Life hack for photographers

If you are going to take a photo with the fog effect, it is not necessary to wait for the appropriate weather for this. Just wrap an ordinary plastic bag around the lens.


7. Life hack for actors

When actors study the technique of “artificial tears” in theater universities, they are asked to adopt such a facial expression as if they are really going to cry. The muscles “remember” the state of crying, and very real tears flow from a person’s eyes.

But there is also an easier way: touch the cornea of the eye with your finger (a woman’s nail). Tears will not keep you waiting.


And may the Muse be with you!


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