Cool and useful things printed on a 3D printer (16 photos)

Many probably would like to have a 3D printer. It’s cool when you can independently create any item by your own design. While some use such printers to create decorative things, others use them to solve pressing problems.

1. “I did it! I have solved the problem with the Pringles jar!”

2. Night light in the form of the Moon

3. “Take a look at the holder in the form of an old iPhone TV that my 14-year-old daughter designed and printed.”

4. “Printed a safety switch for my computer’s power button because my cat was bouncing and turning it off”

5. “The plug from charging my laptop easily slips out, and the battery no longer holds a charge. Here’s my super-engineered solution!”

Cool and useful things printed on a 3D printer (16 photos)
6. Key holder

7. “I printed a house for all my remotes”

8. “Every time I buy a new filament for a 3D printer, I print a pug as a test”

9. “My municipality in the Netherlands is currently placing 3D-printed benches made of recycled plastic”

10. “Since school I wanted to print the guitar body on a 3D printer. I am more than happy with the result.”

11. “My new 3D-printed phone case that I designed myself.”

12. “I did it for small garbage at my workplace”

13. Tie

14. Eyeglass holder

15. Toothbrush holder

16. “My wife and kids keep taking my charger. Found a way out.”

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