Brain Training

Perhaps some readers will be surprised by this headline: according to the majority, either elderly people or those who have recently suffered a stroke need brain training. In fact, everyone needs to train their brain, regardless of age and health status.

Just as you pump certain muscle groups of the body on sports simulators, you need to pump the brain. This way it activates faster and better, adjusts to a particular activity.

Here are some simple brain and memory exercises that are recommended to do in the morning after waking up:

  • count from one hundred to one out loud as quickly as possible;
  • at the same fast pace, come up with five words for each letter of the alphabet;
  • quickly name 5 female and male names, 5 book titles, 5 poems.

After completing these simple tasks, you will feel more cheerful and concentrated, it will be easier for you to remember a large amount of information.

How to improve brain activity

Living at a frenzied urban pace, in multitasking mode, we sometimes forget something important: to congratulate a friend on an anniversary, to make a long-planned purchase, to feed the fish in the aquarium…So that no such important detail does not fly out of your head, and you have enough patience and energy to perform everyday tasks, use these recommendations:

  • for one hour a day, try to talk as little as possible (ideally, be silent);
  • for one minute, focus your thoughts on one specific subject. That is, if you suddenly thought that you should go to the store today and buy milk, then try not to think about anything else for a minute except the upcoming trip to the store;
  • make yourself a mini-action plan for every hour. Each of them may have a different number of items, but remember that you must have time to complete everything planned. For example – from 10 to 11 in the morning: send a letter to the boss, clean up at your workplace, call someone, etc.

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Traditional ways to train the brain

Too many words have already been said by doctors and ordinary people about how effective crossword puzzles and memorizing poems are as brain training. Don’t discount these methods, they really work. Crosswords develop logical thinking, and memorizing poems helps to “expand” the amount of memory (just like in a computer). All this will save you from feeling empty and powerless after performing difficult work, creative or other tasks.

Effective “simulators” for the brain can also include the daily obligatory reading of several pages of a book, the way from home to work by different routes, memorizing previously unknown terms and concepts…

You can choose any ways to train your brain, the main thing is that they are convenient for you and bring results. Your intelligence is in your hands!


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