5 movie premieres of 2018 that cannot be missed

Moviegoers, your hour has come! Premieres that cannot be missed are approaching. Choose and decide which one is worthy to brighten up your day (and maybe even evening):

Draft (2018)

Premiere – May 25
Directed by Sergey Mokritsky

The plot is based on the novel of the same name by Sergei Lukyanenko. The main character was so carried away by the world of computer games that he completely “fell out” of reality. But in the virtual world, where he is finally transferred, he learns quickly enough and finds new acquaintances…

The Invisible Guest (2018)

Premiere – May 31
Directed by Oriol Paolo

Adrian is accused of murdering his beloved. He is being detained. He tries to prove his innocence to the lawyer and tells how things really were. However, from the story, the lawyer understands that there is far more than one crime hanging on Adrian…

Red Sparrow (2018)

Premiere – May 31
Directed by Francis Lawrence

Ballerina Domenica becomes a scout in an instant — she must expose the American mole. However, the girl falls in love with one of those to whom her activities are directed. Realizing the catastrophism of her act, Domenica hardly trusts her lover…

Summer (2018)

https://lifestyle-journal.ru/Premiere – June 7
Directed by Kirill Serebrennikov

“In the city + 25 — summer! The trains are packed, everyone is going to the river …— – the carefree song of the Kino group about summer can rightfully be considered the leitmotif of this picture. In the center of the plot is the story of the formation of the Leningrad rock club, in parallel with which two lines of relations are developing — creative and romantic. It also shows the heyday of Mike Naumenko’s career (the Zoo group) and the birth of Viktor Tsoi’s career (Cinema). Connoisseurs of old-school rock “Summer” will absolutely like it…

The beauty of the whole head (2018)

Premiere – June 7
Directed by Mark Silverstein, Abby Cohn

All girls dream of losing weight. The main character is no exception. And she dreamed so much that in a fit of excitement she fell off the simulator and hit her head. It is unknown exactly what consequences the blow entailed, but the girl has since imagined herself an unearthly beauty. And in the eyes of those around her, she was still a plump plain girl. This film will be especially useful to those who believe that only women “90-60-90” deserve to be called beautiful.

Enjoy watching!


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