Colin Firth. Interesting facts and the best movies

Many romantic ladies sighed for him after seeing him in the role of Mr. Darcy in the film adaptation of the novel “Pride and Prejudice”, and more determined young ladies preferred the role of the decisive Henry in “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”. Films in which Colin Firth is involved are always in demand with the public, but do cinema connoisseurs know much about this actor? We offer to expand the horizons of knowledge with the help of a selection of interesting facts about him:

1. Writer

Colin Firth is quite seriously passionate about writing. At the beginning of the two thousandth, he debuted in this direction with the story “Department of Nothing” (“Department of nothing”). The story is published in a collection of prose edited by Nick Hornby. Russian-speaking fans of Firth can find this story in open access on the Web (translator – N. Vlasov).

2. The most influential person of the year

It was this title that he was awarded in 2011 . according to the magazine “Time”.


And in 2007 a year ago, together with his Italian wife Livia Giugiolli, the actor opened an ECO-AGE store for environmental goods.

The store is located in London at Gemini House 334-336 King Street London W6 ORR

4. Male role

For his role in the film “A Lonely Man” (2009, dir. – Tom Fort) the actor was awarded the prize of the Venice Film Festival for the best actor.

5. Walk of Fame

In 2011 Colin Firth’s star has appeared on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Since 2007 The actor is an ambassador for Oxfam, an organization that provides assistance to developing countries.

Colin Firth did not like to study, he hardly comprehended science at school. But the actor remembers his training at the London Drama Center with warmth, believing that this education helped him to open up as an actor.

The best films of Colin Firth

“Spy, get out!” (2011)

A man working for Russia has appeared in British intelligence. The scouts are puzzled by this, but they are silent, because those of them who decided to declare it are immediately dismissed…

“The King Speaks!” (2010)

King Albert has a stutter. It is almost not noticeable in the family circle, but public speaking is difficult for him. What has the king’s family tried, in an attempt to cure him! However, very atypical methods helped him…

“Portrait of Dorian Gray” (2009)

Dorian is told by everyone around him that he is devilishly handsome. And one of the London artists even paints a portrait of a young man. The portrait turns out to be so amazing that Dorian vows to give everything, including his soul, so that he will never grow old and remain the same as in the portrait. But something went wrong…

“Genoa” (2008)

Joe, grieving the death of his wife, leaves for Genoa with his daughters. There he meets Barbara, who is ready to become his destiny and a good stepmother for the girls. But the latter break down hard – drugs, bad companies and many other temptations prevent them from starting a normal life.

“Circle of Friends” (1995)

The film is about the first teenage love that grew into serious feelings. The main characters get into scrapes all the time, not allowing them to be together…


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