Johnny Depp. Interesting facts

His characters are fearless, daring, funny… But what do we know about what Johnny Depp is like off the set? A real person is not always similar to his movie characters. Once again, this will be confirmed by a selection of interesting facts about Johnny Depp:

1. His parents divorced when he was very young. Being the youngest (there were three other children in the family), Johnny took the news of his parents’ separation most painfully. And in order to drown out the mental pain, he inflicted physical pain on himself – he cut himself with a knife. The parents did not find out about it immediately, but the scars on the actor’s body still remain, as a kind of mute reproach to the father and mother for their decision.

2. He had not dreamed of becoming an actor since childhood, but he really wanted to be a musician. At the age of 12, he was given a guitar, which Johnny mastered quite quickly. And then I started learning to play the drums. Because of his musical career, the future actor even repeatedly dropped out of school.

3. However, his love for music did not leave him even after school. As part of his own group “Pi” Depp was lucky enough to sing a duet with Marilyn Manson.

4. Few people know about it, but being a fearless hero in Pirates of the Caribbean, the actor is very afraid of spiders in real life. However, real men are not in the habit of talking about their fears and weaknesses…

5. One of Johnny Depp’s first significant roles was the role of Edward Scissorhands from the film of the same name. The scientist David Lang was impressed by this film. He is “fancied” by Depp. A little later, when the scientist found a previously unexplored fossil, he gave his find the name of his favorite actor.

6. Johnny’s fame once saved him from robbery. The thief climbed into his window, but when he recognized the owner of the apartment, he said: “No, I will not steal from Captain Jack Sparrow.” The audience’s favorite was amused by this situation, but the most interesting thing is that he himself gave the thief money.

7. Another fact testifying to the generosity of the actor: on the set of the movie “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, he met a little boy who really liked Johnny’s hat. He couldn’t give the kid a hat right away, but he promised to send it to him when the shooting was over. A new acquaintance left Depp his address, and after a while he really received a parcel in which, in addition to the cherished black hat, there were sweets and other gifts.

8. Fans of the epic “Pirates of the Caribbean” know that Jack the Thief has a tattoo in the form of a bird and the hero’s name located next to it. It is painted with ordinary flushing paint. But after the film, Depp made himself a similar permanent tattoo. It is not surprising that for many, Johnny himself and Captain Jack Sparrow are the same person.


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