Luc Besson and his best films

The meaning of his life could be dolphins. But apparently, God, fate or anything else that leads us through life has completely different plans for Luc Besson. Born into a family of scuba divers, he has been raving about the underwater world since childhood. His parents often took him to the sea. Little Luke quickly became fascinated by the beauty of the sea and the intricacy of life under water. But in adolescence, he was injured, as a result of which his eyesight was severely damaged. I had to forget about the dream.

Recovering, the young man began to spend a lot of time at home. In order not to get bored, he watched various new movies and reviewed his favorite movies. The plots of cinema inspired him to create his own stories, he wrote scripts in various genres, some of which he attributed to film studios. But I always got rejected. But one day he was offered a job as an assistant director in one of the film studios of his native Paris. This was the starting point in Luc Besson’s career.

While working on the film, he met the legendary Jean Reno. Business communication soon transformed into friendship, and Besson gave the main role in his debut film “The Last Battle” (1983) to Renault. He brilliantly played the role of a murderer.

Once the director admitted that he intended to make 10 films and “go into the shadows.” According to him, he does not want to be like his “colleagues in the shop”, who, after shooting several masterpieces, relax and start releasing second-rate films, being unable to stop.

He himself, by the way, has also been accused of this more than once. And plagiarism was recently suspected. After seeing the trailer of the movie “Valerian” (2017), fans of the epic “Star Wars” rebelled — they expressed confidence that the appearance of Valerian’s spaceship was “licked” from the Millennium Falcon…

However, no accusations and criticism forced Luc Besson to turn away from the chosen path. Cinema has become his element, in which he feels as comfortable as he once felt under water.

The director could not overcome his passion for the sea to the end — to this day he comes to the sea every year, where he swims with dolphins with pleasure. Once they conquered him with their good nature and freedom-loving disposition. “I envy their freedom,” he says with a smile. And, of course, he’s being a little deceitful. After all, he himself, like any creative person, is free. Free from stereotypes, frames and patterns.

5 Luc Besson films that are worth revisiting.

“The Fifth element” (1997) – Do not intrude into other people’s secrets. Especially if the keepers of these secrets are aliens. Otherwise, they will avenge your excessive curiosity. However, if you are smart enough, it will not be difficult for you to create a secret Fifth Element that will act as a weapon against aliens…

“Taxi” (1-5 parts, 1998-2018) – A friendly tandem of a taxi driver and a policeman, constantly getting into some adventures, will cheer up fans of light humorous movies. And recently, based on this series of films, the TV series “Taxi” was released, in which, along with the already familiar ones, new heroes are waiting for you.

“Her name was Nikita” (1990) – For someone who died for everyone, but in reality remained alive, it is often not easy to start life from scratch. But a girl named Nikita has to do it. She, a drug addict, is deprived of her senses during a confrontation with the police, and she comes to herself as a completely different person…

“Angel-A” (2005) – Being able to be grateful is a real gift. And the girlfriend of a desperate and disappointed Andre in life has this gift. He saves her from suicide, she solves all his problems in return… But are the actions of the heroes in relation to each other really disinterested?

“Leon” (1994) — Every medal has two sides. So killer Leon, in his free time from “work”, takes care of his favorite houseplant and goes to the movies. This continues until he meets his neighbor Matilda. She grows up in a dysfunctional family. All her close people were killed, and after getting to know Leon better (and at the same time realizing who he is), the girl asks him to avenge the murder of her beloved younger brother. In the process of “cooperation”, the characters fall in love with each other, but the plot of the picture is not as cloudless as it may seem…

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