Top 5 Interesting Facts about Adriano Celentano

On January 6, the popular Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano turned 80 years old. The Russian public remembered him thanks to his characteristic roles in the films “The Taming of the Shrew” (1980) and “Bingo-Bongo” (1982). Celentano’s husky baritone still fascinates listeners to this day. He has 41 music albums and several film awards to his credit. But all this is well known…

And there is a lot that few people know about this charismatic Italian… Intrigued? Read the five most interesting facts about Adriano Celentano!

1. I woke up to the sound of rock music

It’s hard to believe that Adriano, known for his light, lyrical songs, always woke up to nervous rock chords in his youth. However, it is. The mother of the future Italian pop star knew that the sound of an ordinary alarm clock would not make her son get out of bed — Adriano simply would not hear him. Therefore , every morning at seven o’clock she turned on heavy rock and said: “Wake up, it’s already eight o’clock!”. Insidious woman 🙂

2. Danced anywhere

Anyone who has watched Celentano’s films at least once could not help but notice how smooth and easy the movements of his characters are. The actor was perfectly in control of his body, he was engaged in dancing for quite a long time. His love of moving to the beat of music was so strong that Adriano could start dancing anywhere.

One day he began to write intricate pirouettes right on the central street of his native Milan. Because of this, traffic has stalled. Passersby hurrying about their business also stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and froze. Of course, it’s not every day you see Celentano dancing on the street! The accumulation of cars and people interested the police. But, having recognized the “violator of order” as a popular favorite, they did not fine him.

3. Afraid of separation from his spouse

The union of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori aroused the envy of both the couple’s inner circle and the audience following the work of these two Italian stars. The couple almost always appeared together at various events, and the warmth with which Adriano and Claudia looked at each other did not escape from others.

The actor has repeatedly made public declarations of love to his wife. He was so afraid to be separated from her for a long time that once he even refused a role in a film, which he had already successfully auditioned for. Part of the filming took place in The Soviet Union, and Celentano did not want to fly to a distant country for a long time, leaving his wife in Italy. Here it is, love!

4. Hates flights

It would seem that Celentano — so courageous and brutal — cannot suffer from aerophobia… However, nothing human is alien to him. The audience’s favorite was rarely seen with concerts in countries far from Italy, because he was simply afraid (and still is afraid) to fly on airplanes. When boarding a winged car, he always shakes slightly with excitement. Well, each of us has our own fears and weaknesses…

5. No longer wants to act in a movie.

Not because I’m tired. But because he does not consider modern screenplays worthy. He believes that acting in second-rate films can disappoint his fans.

Today, viewers from all over the world continue to enjoy the songs and movie roles of their favorite artist. Celentano’s recent anniversary is a great reason to revisit one of his favorite comedies with his participation.


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