Run, Forrest, run! Interesting facts about the movie “Forrest Gump”

Released in 1994, the film adaptation of Winston Groom’s novel “Forrest Gump” still does not lose relevance. The story of a guy with a mental disability has amazed viewers around the world.

I was struck by the fact that Forrest Gump, unlike many successful intellectuals, can do what is beyond the control of the “average” person. A guy with a low IQ has become a millionaire, and now he just sits at a bus stop and tells passers-by about his fate. And people sitting next to him can’t believe that he is a millionaire, and you can talk to him so easily. But, yes, you can. And not because he is a naive simpleton, but because there are no superfluous thoughts in his head. He just lives, values his comrades, loves his girlfriend and just runs… We smart guys definitely have something to learn from him.

To your attention — a selection of interesting facts about the movie “Forrest Gump”:

1. The performer of the main role – Tom Hanks – refused the fee for the shooting and worked only for a percentage of the collection of the film at the box office. “Fool!” – you will think. And by the way, this is how Hanks earned $ 40 million.

2. According to the plot, Forrest plays ping-pong. However, it is not a real ball that flies away from the racket, but a ball drawn on a computer. The actor did not know how to play this game at all, which is why he had to resort to computer graphics. Now one of the rackets that was used on the set with the autograph of Ton Hanks is hanging on the wall at the Planet Hollywood restaurant in Florida. There, next to the restaurants, there is also a boat “from the movie” for shrimp fishing

3. It was originally planned that John Travolta would play the role of Forrest. But he refused this role, not wanting to play an insufficiently erudite character. Later, when the film gained popularity and went to quotes, Travolta repeatedly regretted his rash decision.

4. In the film, sitting on a bench at a bus stop, Forrest Gump tells random passers-by about his life. This bench has become a museum exhibit. Fans of the film can see it at the Historical museum of the city of Savannah.

5. Many people are familiar with the quote: “Life is a box of chocolates with different fillings. You never know which one you’ll get.” But it was Forrest Gump who uttered this phrase. According to him, his deceased mother often compared life to a box of assorted chocolates… This phrase took the 40th place in the list of quotes of the American Film Institute (100 quotes in total).

6. Forrest Gump’s cinematic “mom” (aka Tom Hanks) – pretty Sally Field, in fact, is not much older than her “son”. Their age difference is only 10 years. They had previously played lovers in films.

7. Lieutenant Dan, according to the script of the film, survived the amputation of both legs. The legs of the performer of this role — Gary Siniz — were “cut off” with the help of a computer program. So that the presence of computer graphics was not very noticeable, the actor’s legs were covered with a blue plaid.

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8. The ceremony with the presentation of the Medal of Honor to Forrest Gump by President Lyndon Johnson is a real scene, just Tom Hanks’ head, with the help of a computer again, was “put” in the place of a man who was really awarded for his actions in the Vietnam War a year earlier.

9. Also, with the help of computer graphics, Forrest Gump appears on a television show next to John Lennon, who was killed 14 years before the film was released on the screen. For this purpose, the filming of the program was used when John Lennon and Yoko were her guests in 1971. Forrest Gumpt managed to “put” in Yoko’s place.All John Lennon’s lines were taken from his songs.

The film “Forrest Gump” in 1995 He was awarded the Academy Awards and the Golden Globe. This may be less interesting, but still a significant fact for a film with a fairly simple plot.


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