24 examples of brilliant design ideas

We bring to your attention another collection of photos with some of the best and brightest examples of excellent design. Some of them are brilliant, while others are so simple but effective that it’s even surprising that we didn’t think of it before.

Anyway, the people who created this really push the boundaries of creativity with their imagination.

1. A lamppost that holds an umbrella over a bench

2. Bread knife with silhouettes of the main mountain peaks of Switzerland in a Swiss restaurant

3. The handle, the cap of which is made in the form of a cat

4. The author of the picture, when he bought the house, received a digital copy of all his documents on a flash drive in the form of a key

5. A blood bank that has signs showing how much and what kind of blood they have

6. Railings in the hotel, which are supported by small metal men

7. Half a pint literally

8. Door handles in the shape of John Lennon glasses

9. There is a cheat code in a 1000-puzzle puzzle

10. Vertical chessboard

11. Bicycle rack built into a park bench

12. Sushi seats in the sushi bar

13. Puzzle carpet

14. A fork inspired by the movie “Wolverine”

15. At the bottom of glasses in a Japanese restaurant, you can see a tiny Fujiyama

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