“Feel Russia”: weekend in the Pskov region

Last year there was a mass pilgrimage to Pskov. For many, this ancient Russian city has become a real discovery in the conditions of closed borders. Unfortunately, not everyone went further than the center of Pskov. And in vain: the charm of these places is concentrated in the region. Let’s tell you what to do with yourself on Pskov land.

How to get to Pskov

From Moscow. Prices for flights to Pskov start from 2900 rubles* round trip. Fly in about an hour. There is also a convenient night train for 1300 rubles * in one direction, on the way – 11.5 hours.

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From St. Petersburg. The most convenient way to get there is by “Swallow”. The one-way trip will take 3.5 hours, the ticket costs from 700 rubles *. It is better to plan a trip in advance: Petersburgers like to spend weekends in the Pskov region, so there are not always places left.

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Day 1. Pskov

If before you go to the region, you want to look around in Pskov first, read our city guide. Its main attractions are listed there. But repetition is the mother of learning, so we remind you that in Pskov you definitely need to admire the Mirozhsky Monastery, take a picture with the inscription “Russia begins here” and walk along the Pskov Krom (as the local Kremlin is called). We also recommend visiting the new Builders’ park on the embankment. Entertainment in the warm season – aquataxi on the Velikaya River. An hour walk at sunset it will do at 1300 rubles * per person. An option for the company is to rent a boat entirely for 9,000 rubles*.

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If you can’t wait to go to nature, go to the Orekhovo estate, which is 20 kilometers from the city. Landscape Park designed by Alexander Grivko is a portal to Europe. It combines elements of the landscape art of France, Italy and England. The garden is open from May 1 to the end of October, when everything is in bloom. Ticket worth 550 rubles*.

Where to eat in Pskov

Breakfast and special coffee in “Coffee with Kikoin” , coffee and wine bar “Kaverin”, for sweets and coffee go to the coffee shop “PREP”.

Where to stay in Pskov

Here are a few options for an overnight stay:

Hostel “Rus” – from 500 rubles* per night per person;
Apart Hotel Family – 3500 rubles* per night per person;
Old Estate Hotel & SPA – 3700 rubles* per night per person.

Day 2. Pushkin Mountains

100 kilometers from Pskov is Pushkin’s ancestral home, now a museum-reserve, open all year round. Allocate at least one day (but preferably more) to visit three estates: Mikhailovskoye, Trigorskoye and Petrovskoye.

The estates were burned down during the war, but then they were restored from photographs. The main building is the house of the poet’s nanny Arina Rodionovna. The tour of the estate is dedicated to the creativity of the classic and his daily life: how he had fun, what he ate. And there is also an oak tree in Mikhailovsky, familiar to us from Pushkin’s fairy tales. A kilometer from Mikhailovsky on the shore of Soroti rises the settlement of Savkino, or Savkina Hill – a monument of Russian antiquity, which served for defensive purposes.

Trigorskoye is the estate of Pushkin’s friends the Osipovs-Wulfs, they come here for beautiful views and walks in the park in the style of romanticism.

The Petrovskoye estate is the ancestral estate of the poet’s ancestors, the Hannibals. In the same places you can visit the grave of the classic, which is located in the Svyatogorsk Holy Assumption Monastery.

In the Pushkin Mountains there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the work of another writer — Sergey Dovlatov. He worked here as a tour guide and described this time in his autobiographical novel “The Reserve”. In the village of Berezino there is Dovlatov House Museum.

The estates are located far enough from each other, so it is better to come here by car or travel by taxi. You need to pay for the entrance to each estate separately. Full a ticket with an excursion to one estate it will cost 300 rubles*. Pushkin Nature Reserve – participant of the program Pushkin Map, according to which young people from 14 to 22 years old can visit the place for free. You can take a tour of the estates from Pskov – a day with a guide will cost at least 5850 rubles*.

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Where to eat

A few kilometers from the estates is located Pushkin Park Restaurant. They are fed traditionally Russian cuisine, fresh bread. There are also dishes like pizza or rolls.

Take a look at the cafe “Basket” by hotel “Arina R.”. In the interior, a la Rus, breakfasts are held in a buffet format, local products are served.

Where to stay

On the outskirts of the village of Bugrovo is hotel “Arina R.” (from 2400 rubles* per night per person). Another budget option for those who do not want to go anywhere is guest houses on the territory of the reserve.

A more luxurious option — eco-hotel “Pskov Switzerland”. These are five chalets on the mountainside and a restaurant with panoramic views. It is located at a distance from the reserve — in the village of Vashina Gora.

Day 3. Izborsk, Pechory and farm

30 kilometers from Pskov is Izborsk – a fortress city, visiting which you will feel the history and plunge into the Middle Ages. You can get to Izborsk, for example, by bus or taxi. Take a walk along the Truvorov hillfort, the Zherav Mountain with the fortress of the XIV century, visit the ancient St. Nicholas Church and collect holy water in the Slovenian Keys. Entrance to the territory of the reserve and the fortress worth 100 rubles*.

After that, stop in Pechory — a small town is located 20 kilometers from Izborsk, on the border with Estonia. Look at the temples, underground caves and admire nature.

In order to really remember visiting these places, it is better to take a full-day excursion: it covers visits to both cities. Such a tour costs from 4500 rubles*.

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If you want to stay and stay longer in nature, stay in a cozy house on Sky Ranch. The idea of leisure is to lie in a hammock, rent a bike or a boat to explore the lake. Also on the territory there is a sauna and a vat with hot water, in which it is so nice to warm up in the cold season. One night costs from 5000 rubles*.

Entertainment for families with children is an ostrich farm 25 kilometers from Pskov. To look at black African ostriches, you need to pay 100 rubles *. And you can also buy their eggs here.

In the same direction there is a natural landscape park Malskaya Valley. There you can rent a house in restored historical interiors with a view of the hills. The place will be appreciated by outdoor enthusiasts. In summer, they do trekking, fishing, boating and sap-boards, and in winter — on snowboards and cheesecakes. You can also relax in the sauna. Children will love the rope park.

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