Five tourist places in Russia for a short trip on March 8

Russian cities are rich in historical and natural monuments. Together with TASS, we have prepared a selection of places in different parts of the country where you can go for a few days in March.

Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region

Photo: Olesya Melnikova / TASS

The largest sand embankment in the world with a length of 98 kilometers is located in the north of the region. Part of it lies on the territory of Russia, part – in Lithuania. There are sand dunes around the Curonian Spit, a coniferous forest with unusual trees whose trunks are twisted into loops, wild animals that like to go out on the road in the evening to be fed by drivers, an ornithological station and ecological trails.

The highest point of the spit is the top of the Orekhovaya — Efa dune (62 meters above sea level). On the route to it there are equipped observation decks with views of the bay, the sea and the nearest settlement. There is a strict rule: you can not walk on the dunes: they are destroyed by human impact. A fine of about 4,000 rubles is provided for violation.

You can get to the spit all year round. All information about the time, working hours and conditions of the visit (entrance to the territory of the national park is paid) is available on the official website of the national Park.

How to get there and where to live:

It is necessary to fly to Kaliningrad. The cost of a round-trip ticket per person starts from 3600 rubles*.

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The spit itself can be reached from Kaliningrad or coastal resorts. In the Kaliningrad region, it is most convenient to travel by car — so you can see a large number of attractions without reference to the public transport schedule. Rent a car on OneTwoTrip at Kaliningrad airport will cost from 2,600 rubles * per day.

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We have selected several accommodation options for you:

Ibis Kaliningrad Center – from 3100 rubles* per night per person;
“Universal” (Svetlogorsk) – from 2400 rubles* per night per person;
PARADOX Boutique Hotel (Zelenogradsk) – from 3100 rubles * per night per person.

Teletskoye Lake in Altai

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

This is the largest lake in the Altai Mountains. Most of the reservoir is surrounded by the Altai Nature Reserve. Locals call the lake Golden – it got the name “Teletskoye” about 400 years ago, because the Turkic tribes of Teles lived on its shores.

This is one of the four deepest freshwater lakes in Russia, at a depth of 323 meters there are sunken boats, cars, as well as aircraft wrecked. Fish do not fall below 100 meters. There are many legends and riddles associated with the reservoir, mystical stories can be heard from local fishermen or guides.

The water in the lake is cold, and even in summer it warms up to about 16 degrees. For swimming, local guides advise visiting heated pools at local recreation centers.

How to get there and where to live:

A round-trip ticket to Gorno-Altaysk will cost from 15,100 rubles* per person.

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You can stay, for example, in the village of Artybash. We picked up several options:

Hotel “Artybash” – from 4600 rubles* per night per person;
Guest House Kedroviy Dvorik – from 3000 rubles* per night per person;
Taezhniy prival – from 1800 rubles * per night per person.

By car you will get to the village of Artybash in about two and a half to three hours.

Lake Failure in Pyatigorsk

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

A natural well on the southern slope of Mount Mashuk was discovered after the failure of limestone rocks. The diameter of the lake is small — only 11 meters, and the water is crystal blue due to sulfur.

It was him who was viewed from above by representatives of the “water society” in Lermontov’s novel “The Hero of Our Time”. Today, you can see the lake from the observation deck, fenced with a lattice, for this you will need to go through a 40-meter tunnel in the mountain or climb up a stone staircase.

You can not swim, but at least you can wet your feet with water from the lake in a natural bath located next to the Sinkhole.

How to get there and where to live:

It is necessary to fly to Mineralnye Vody. The cost of the ticket is about 3900 rubles * round trip per person.

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You can rent a car right at the airport (from 5,100 rubles * per day on OneTwoTrip) – the travel time from the air harbor to Pyatigorsk will be just over half an hour. You can also use railway transport, getting from Mineralnye Vody to Pyatigorsk in about 30-40 minutes.

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Accommodation options in Pyatigorsk:

Beshtau Hotel – from 3700 rubles* per night per person;
Intourist Congress Hotel – from 3300 rubles* per night per person;
Hayat Spa Hotel – from 3000 rubles * per night per person.

Kizhi in Karelia

Photo: Ilya Timin / TASS

On the island in Lake Onega there are old wooden chapels, mills, barns and houses. There are 82 monuments in one of the largest open-air museums in Russia. It is based on the ensemble of the Kizhi churchyard with the Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord, which is crowned by 22 chapters.

The temple built in 1714 has been under restoration for the last 10 years and opened in the summer of 2021. But the church was closed back in the 80s of the last century, and it was impossible to see it from the inside. Over a decade, it was possible to restore logs and 16 wooden domes, which were replaced by 34,000 ploughshares – traditional aspen tiles. The iconostasis of the late XVII-early XVIII centuries has been completely preserved.

You can visit the museum all year round, conditions depend on the time of year, details are listed on the official website.

How to get there and where to live:

A flight to Petrozavodsk will cost from 5000 rubles * per person round trip. We recommend visiting Kizhi as part of an excursion that includes the road to the island.

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We have selected several accommodation options for you in Petrozavodsk:

Severnaya Hotel – from 2700 rubles* per night per person;
Cosmos Petrozavodsk Hotel – from 3400 rubles* per night per person;
Karelia Spa Hotel – from 2800 rubles * per night per person.

Bulgarians in Tatarstan

Photo: Egor Aleev / TASS

The city was founded by the Turkic-speaking tribes of the Volga region, but after the attack of the Golden Horde in the XIII century, it was almost completely destroyed. What its appearance was before the Mongol invasion is no longer known. The Bulgarians were rebuilt from stone, and today it is almost the only place with ruins from the Golden Horde.

In 2012, a modern White Mosque with domes, minarets and traditional Islamic stained glass windows opened in the city. In the evening, the lights turn on throughout the complex, and the lights are reflected in an artificial lake. Next to the temple there is a memorial sign in honor of the adoption of Islam by the Volga Bulgars in 922.

How to get there and where to live:

You can fly to Kazan. The cost of an air ticket is from 4,400 rubles * per person round-trip. We recommend visiting Bulgaria by going there from the capital of Tatarstan, here are a few options for living in Kazan:

Europa Hotel – from 3800 rubles* per night per person;
Ibis Kazan Center – from 2800 rubles* per night per person;
Mansion on Teatralnaya – from 2000 rubles * per night per person.

You can rent a car on OneTwoTrip right at Kazan airport (from 4000 rubles * per day). The journey to Bolgar from the capital of Tatarstan will take about two and a half hours.

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*Prices are valid at the time of publication
Main photo: Irina Mandrykina / TASS

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