Bare feet on the glass
Yes, so as not to feel pain
From those who cursed you in the world,
Sold it for the last pound of salt.

You have entered the path of true faith,
And they forge the truth on it —with flour.
Our sword fights for gold, pearls
With all the force he shakes his hand with steel,

So that the lie would flow with the blood
Bad thoughts on thin marble
Strong shields from the songs of the Velva
Instead of the roof and walls of Valhalla.

You have entered the path of the word of honor,
Now let it be solid
To stand like a stone for the glory of revenge
Near gloomy and narrow fjords.

Fly like a bird on fraternal lands,
Bring the sisters news from Thor;
Walk proudly according to Freya’s will
The path of true faith and honor.

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