Battle Beyond the Stars • Main Theme • James Horner


“Battle Beyond the Stars” is a feature film directed by Jimmy Murakami, shot by analogy with the “Seven Samurai”, when different heroes defend their abode from a gang of aggressors. The film combines elements of space opera and comedy.

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Soundtrack from the 1980 Jimmy T. Murakami film, “Battle Beyond the Stars” with Richard Thomas, Robert Vaughn, John Saxon,

Space adventurer Seidor from Malmory approaches the planet Akir on a spaceship, destroys a meteorological satellite and tries to enslave the locals. In case of disobedience, he promises to destroy the planet with the help of the most powerful weapon in the entire universe — the “Stellar Annihilator” (Stellar Converter). The inhabitants of the planet are given a week to think. The locals value their freedom and the council of the planet, led by Elder Zed, sends a ship to Nel to seek help from Dr. Hephaestus (Hephaestus: Hephaestus). A brave guy Shad is appointed as an emissary from the people of Akira. Arriving at the space station, Shad meets the beautiful daughter of Dr. Hephaestus, who repairs androids. However, the Doctor is convinced that Akira is doomed, and Shad must continue the family with his daughter. Akira’s emissary cannot betray his people and returns.

During the flight, he observes the attack of Seidor’s fighters on the requesting ship “Space Cowboy” and decides to help him by participating in a space battle for the first time. Shad learns that the “Space Cowboy” is engaged in transporting weapons to the planet with which Seidor is at enmity. However, after the death of that planet, the weapon turns out to be unclaimed. The daughter of Hephaestus flies after Shad, but is captured by the next enemies of Seidor. Shad’s ship falls into the magnetic field of the ship, which is controlled by five white clones calling themselves the name Nestor. Next, Shad’s team is joined by the team of the green humanoid Caiman, recruited by Hephaestus’ daughter, who enjoys the battles of Valkyrie Saint Exmin and lone wolf Gelt. Together they organize a coalition against Seidor.

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