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!The best soundtracks&movies of all time! Soundtrack from the 1977 John Badham film “Saturday Night Fever” with John Travolta, Karen Lynn Gorney, Donna Pescow, …

Saturday Night Fever is a 1977 American musical feature film by Paramount Pictures. The film, embodying the spirit of the disco era, was a stunning success and played a significant role in popularizing disco music. The main role in the film brought worldwide fame to John Travolta.

The film was awarded five nominations for the Golden Globe Awards, two BAFTAs and one Oscar. In 2010, the Library of Congress selected this film for preservation in the National Film Registry.

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Film plot:

The film tells the story of Tony Manero, a nineteen-year-old Italian-American living in Brooklyn. During the day he is an employee in a small shop, and in the evenings he is a dance floor star, a regular at the 2001 Odissey club.

Tony has close friends, Joey and Double-Jay. Also included in the company is Bobby C, who, although younger than the others, but he has a car (a 1964 Chevrolet Impala). He is depressed and tells everyone that he is going to marry the girl Polina, because she inadvertently got pregnant from him.

Also an informal member of the company is Annetta, who is in love with Tony.

Tony Manero has a younger sister and an older brother, Frank, who has become the pride of the family since he became a priest. However, suddenly he refuses the dignity, because, as he confesses to his brother, one day he realized that he saw a man on the cross on the crucifixion — and that’s all. To the despair of his parents, Frank begins the life of an ordinary person, and then leaves home. Before leaving, he comes to the 2001 Odissey club, sees Tony dancing, and sincerely admits to him that he is delighted. Bobby C tells Frank that circumstances force him to marry Pauline. He asks his advice: is it possible for the Pope to give him permission to have an abortion? Frank considers this unlikely, which makes Bobby very depressed.

Annetta invites Tony to perform together at a dance competition. Tony agrees, but after a while refuses to perform with her: he met Stephanie Mangano, a little older than himself, confident and mocking. She is very attractive and also a great dancer. Despite the initial coldness and dismissive attitude towards Tony, Stephanie eventually agrees to perform with him, setting one condition: they are bound by participation in the competition and nothing more than dancing.

Anetta insists on a date with her, but it turns out to be a failure. Driving over the Verrazano Bridge (which is constantly featured in the film), the company decides to scare Anetta. Tony and his friend are playing a prank on her: they allegedly fall off the bridge, in fact, just jumping a meter below the fence and disappearing from her sight.

After several meetings at the club, Stephanie asks Tony to help her move her things to another part of town (Bobby C lends Tony a car and, taking the opportunity, asks him to call him in the evening, but Tony forgets about the promise). In the house to which he and Stephanie drive up, it turns out to be her friend, clearly an old and good acquaintance: during the conversation, he casually kisses her. Later in the car Tony is upset and demands to tell him about this man, Stephanie claims that this is just her old friend, but suddenly breaks down and cries. Tony takes her away, stops the car at the Verrazano Bridge and tells her about it.

The evening of the competition has come. Tony and Stephanie, the penultimate speakers, cause a storm of applause and eventually receive the First prize, but the last couple who performed, a duet from Puerto Rico, danced so well that Tony understands that they did not get the victory by right. To the amazement of the girl, Tony gives the First prize to a Puerto Rican couple, considering them more worthy of this award.

Tony takes Stephanie away from the club, indignant at the judicial injustice: he explains their first place with his fame in the club.

In the car, Tony tries to rape Stephanie, who tries to convince him that she pretended to be in love only for the sake of winning the competition. She manages to escape, and she runs away.

Tony and his friends return from the competition and stop at the Verrazano Bridge. Bobby C, usually timid and quiet, suddenly decides to walk along the very edge of the fence. He laughs at the fright of his friends, this time for real. At Tony’s request to get back in the car and talk, he reproaches his friend for not giving him time and attention earlier. Tony almost reaches Bobby, but he dodges and falls off the bridge.

Shocked by what happened, Tony wanders around the city all night, and in the morning comes to Stephanie. He asks for forgiveness, seeks her support and advice, promises to be just a friend to her. Forgiveness has been received, the final credits are coming, and the viewer understands that everything is just beginning…

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