Vacation in July on the Black Sea

At the height of summer, many take a vacation and go to nature, the riverbank, the sea and other places where you can relax and take off the accumulated fatigue after hard working days. A particularly attractive place for tourists is the Black Sea coast, with its numerous resorts.


In the Krasnodar Territory, this resort village is very popular with tourists. The resort is surrounded by rocks on all sides, except for access to the sea. Beaches near the sea coast with pebbles have attractions. There are also river beaches, because two rivers flow through the village. River and sea water warm up well, so it’s comfortable to swim here.


Betta is the most ecologically clean resort area on the entire Black Sea coast. The water on the beach is warm, calm, because the resort village is located in the bay. It is also notable for cypress groves, clear rivers and the well-known Pshad valleys. Great delight among tourists is represented by algae in the sea, which glow in the dark.


Another attractive resort, which is located near Gelendzhik. Its beach has a flat and sandy bottom, which makes it convenient when swimming. You can rent a catamaran or a boat. There is a water park in the village, which children especially like. Divnomorskoe also attracts guests with its fresh and clean air.


In the suburbs of Gelendzhik is the resort village of Krinitsa, which is loved by many because of its orchards, coniferous forests, sea beaches with clear water. Tourists come here who prefer to rest in silence, in a secluded place. Relatively low prices allow guests to save on vacation.


And, of course, one of the main resorts of the Black Sea, which many people hear about, is Gelendzhik with numerous small and large–pebble beaches. This city is located in a bay surrounded by mountains. A beautiful panorama of the city and the vast nature with the sea abyss opens from the mountains. A specially equipped cable car allows you to quickly get to the observation deck on the mountain.

Services of the Krasnodar-bus company

The licensed Krasnodar-bus company with experienced drivers offers its services for the delivery of tourists to the resort places of the Krasnodar Territory. By purchasing a ticket for a comfortable bus, you can comfortably enjoy a trip to Krinitsa, Arkhipo-Osipovka, Krinitsa and other Black Sea resorts. The transport is equipped with comfortable seats, air conditioners, windows. There is music and TV, so you will not be bored on the road.

If you want to relax on the Black Sea in July, then choose a trip to one of the resorts presented above together with the Krasnodar-bus company. Have a nice trip!

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