Catchy, bright, energetic: colors in the interior and clothes

Colors in the interior and clothes – a bright living room in pop art style

Is there not enough color in the interior and in clothes? Have you ever thought that you can take some interior ideas from your wardrobe? No, we do not call for choosing the upholstery of the sofa to match the color of the new dress, but the laws of coloristics and combinations of textures and materials are the same everywhere.

Interesting details

Simple and comfortable leather handles of the Sugar & Cloth chest add a zest to its primitive design. In the same way, you would add a simple leather clip to a delicate summer cashmere blouse. Simple, but thoughtful and tasteful.

Colors in the interior - white chest of drawers with brown handles

Delicate chest of drawers “Sugar & Cloth”

The colors in the clothes are a white lace blouse and a brown leather clip

The leather barrette looks great with white lace

Variety of colors

Roger and Chris know the advantage of a splash of pink against a background of sidewalk gray. The fuchsia door makes a gloomy mansion bright and stylish. By the same principle, shining pink shoes were added to Garance Doré’s black total bow.

Colors in the interior - bright pink house door and car

Play with flowers – it looks bright and fresh at any time of the year

Colors in clothes - black outfit with bright pink shoes

The monochrome outfit is diluted with bright shoes

Black and white

The classic combination of black and white can be boring, unless you add graphic patterns to it, for example. Like in the interior from Burlap and Lace or Song of Style outfit.

Graphic patterns in black on pillows and carpet in the living room interior

Geometric black and white patterns

Clothes in black and white with graphic drawings

Black and white cage and stripe in clothes

Energetic monochrome

Although sometimes one color is enough. Even if it is bright and catchy. After all, you must agree, Steven’s modern kitchen catches and attracts the eye, and is it possible to pass by the charming outfit from Ring My Bell in the same orange color.

The interior of the kitchen is orange

The warmth and comfort of the orange kitchen

The color in the clothes is an elegant orange suit

Orange top plus orange pants – perfect

A ton of texture

Use different types of fabric texture, such as in this classic living room or an outfit from Fashiontoast. Both examples combine delicate lace with more rigid elements. And it works perfectly!

The interior of a bright living room in vintage style with a green sofa

Mixing of different materials

The color in the clothes is a knitted brown jacket and a lace skirt

Combine the incongruous in clothes

Do you feel now that you and your home are on the same wave? Have you found an echo of your interior with a wardrobe? Maybe in your favorite colors or materials?

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