Cozy and atmospheric little things create a natural interior in the apartment

Natural interior in bright colors

How it all started

Living in Chicago, Joanna has accumulated quite a lot of little things suitable for a cozy, natural interior. That was the only reason to buy a new apartment! It was very difficult to find a suitable place. She stumbled upon her apartment when she went to see a completely different house. But it turned out not to be suitable, and coming out of there, she accidentally saw the inscription “for sale”.

Natural interior of the living room with a gray sofa and a wooden coffee table

Our heroine is in her new apartment

Features of the new house

Like many apartment buildings in Portland, this one also has its own history and charm. It used to be a boarding house for single women. The building has an original design and layout, but in the bedroom, for example, there is only room for a large double bed. And built-in wardrobes are located along the opposite walls of the kitchen.

Natural interior of the living room with a white fireplace

Interior in soft light colors

What is important and valuable

Joanna’s house is filled with things that inspire and important to her. She ordered most of them online or bought them at hardware stores. Moving out, instead of getting rid of unnecessary, she ordered a large truck, and took everything with her without exception. Now every detail in its interior exists to create an individual atmosphere and unique comfort.

Natural interior of the living room with white shelves and a light red leather armchair

Souvenirs on the shelf near the chair

Natural interior of the living room - decorative elements on a white fireplace

The original candlestick

The natural interior of the living room with an unusual carpet in the form of an animal skin and pillows with a black and white pattern

A coffee table and a sofa in the living room are located on an unusual carpet

Natural kitchen interior with rustic wooden furniture

Dining room with unique furniture

Natural kitchen interior - white gas stove in vintage style

A piece of the kitchen interior

The natural interior of the bedroom is an interesting decor on the wall

Small bedroom

Natural living room interior - plants on a white fireplace

Such little things create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere


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