Interior design of a luxury apartment: a sea of creativity

Interior design of a luxury apartment by Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov, Italy

The interior design of a luxury apartment should be individual. To achieve such an effect, designers Irina Dzhemesyuk and Vitaly Yurov, who were engaged in the design of the richest residence in one of the districts of Italy, tried to create a real miracle.

For the living room, they chose chic gray-beige marble tiles, light golden partitions, dark green and gray sofas, metal shelving and solid carpets from leading European manufacturers, as well as exclusive pendant lamps in the form of huge, fantastic colors.

I would especially like to mention the magnificent snow-white fireplace with a huge mirror decorated with hand-painted, which is located at one of the walls of the hall.

White fireplace decorated with hand-painted

Arched windows and elegant lamps add sophistication to the look of the living room

Patterned wall panels, shining gold dressers, a black dining set and a carefully thought–out layout of a stylish kitchen – all this creates a feeling of maximum comfort and respectability.

A solid-colored wall in the color of expensive red wine acts as a visual accent in the dining room. And the living greenery brings some variety to the restrained appearance of the kitchen space.

The kitchen is equipped with the most modern appliances, hidden from view behind the facades of cabinets

The most incredible emotions are caused by a snow-white bathroom with broken lines of mirrors, unusual models of black plumbing and unique mosaic panels on the walls, as if taken out of a magical cave.

From such a riot of colors begins to ripple in the eyes and the sense of reality disappears

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