The interior of the attic apartment: a modern creative project

The interior of an attic apartment by Superpozycja Architekci, Gliwice, Poland

Apartment interior it’s not so easy to design in the attic. However, all the efforts spent are worth it in order to enjoy a cozy living practically in the open air in an interior made of natural materials, with an abundance of light and soft textures.

A striking example of this is the project of the architectural bureau Superpozycja Architekci, located in the Polish city of Gliwice. His specialists managed to turn the old attic into a beautiful apartment, combining modern elegance and charm of antiquity, with elements of rustic style.

The interior of the attic apartment: wooden pillars and beams

Old wooden pillars and beams stand out favorably against the background of white trim

Large windows and a sloping wall in the living room emphasize the height of the ceilings, refuting the stereotype of a cramped and dark space under the roof.

Charming and playful design finds look especially impressive: a passage in the wall for a cat, white brickwork, tables resembling cubes from a designer, and bright pillows on a light gray sofa.

The interior of the attic apartment: white color dominates

A competent choice of colors and an unusual shape of the room look creative and fresh

The interior of the attic apartment: an unusual shape of the room

The simple white finish is enlivened by bright bursts of saturated blue and gray shades. The combination of natural wood and brick panels brings a warm home atmosphere to the composition of the decor.

A metal spiral staircase leads to the upper level, where there is a cozy bedroom and a stylish bathroom. The wall in the stairwell upholstered in blue and white fabric and the black background for the mirror above the sink act as color accents.

The sink itself is mounted on a wooden countertop, which emphasizes the rustic style of the interior.

The interior of the apartment in the attic: hanging lamp
The interior of the attic apartment: glass partition
The interior of the attic apartment: sink on a wooden countertop
The interior of the attic apartment: a round mirror against a black wall

Round mirrors and lamps contrast with the general geometry

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