The original interior of the apartment: English classics in modern processing

Original apartment interior must have its own unique style. To make sure of this, just look at the photos of the apartments, the design of which was carried out by the specialists of the architectural bureau Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design. They are located in one of the central districts of London and look both stylish and at the same time lively and cozy.

Spacious living room in light and dark gray tones with an abstract panel on the wall
As a visual accent, small details of blue and light blue are used
The decor of the dining room is dominated by natural stone, cream leather and light wood
The stylish kitchen set is complemented by built-in appliances and hidden lighting
A mirror panel on the wall behind the sink visually increases the amount of space
The bed located in the center and the light palette give the bedroom a special chic
In the bathroom, the black floor organically contrasts with pinkish marble and mirrors
A bold solution: strict symmetry, pastel shades and the absence of curtains on the windows

Would you like to live in such apartments?

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