Can the design of an apartment in gray tones be interesting and attractive?

Apartment design in gray tones by Tom Ferguson. This is a real modern style, artistry and a game of opposites. The project offers a rich selection of textures, materials and creative combinations that can only be enjoyed.

Elegant dining area
Stylish original furniture

The combination of the latest trends in colors, materials and interior elements with the subtle aristocracy of Australian architecture is the embodiment of the designer’s corporate identity.

The comfort and artistry of the apartment are determined by many details: magnificent wooden flooring, antique pieces of furniture, beautiful paintings, ceiling cornice and decorations. And this is only a small part of the artistic design.

A mixture of ancient elegance and the latest modern materials creates a unique interior, which is hardly possible to repeat.

Cozy interior
Elegant living room

The kitchen is designed in fashionable dark colors, and innovative appliances and accessories are not only functional, but also very attractive. The dark marble countertop paired with a minimalist black cabinet is elegantly accentuated by zinc elements and bright colors of the painting that adorns the wall of the dining area.

Thoughtful design to the smallest detail
Harmonious contrast

The same eclectic mix of antique and modern materials and solutions is visible in the cozy living room. The interior is complemented by bold fur details: a carpet and an upholstered chair.

Stylish dark tones

The bathroom is a real paradise. Fashionable brass elements, complemented by a combination of dark colors and fresh green shades, are a wonderful background for sanitary ware made of ceramics.

Comfortable bathroom

The bedroom is by far the most attractive and stylish room. Stunning decorative furnishings with refined textural elements complemented by clever functional details – it is difficult to resist such an amazing interior.

Unusual bedroom
Sophisticated exposure

You don’t need to be a professional in the field of design and architecture to notice how beautiful the interior of this cozy apartment is. Amazing combinations between vintage elements and the latest modern trends, between subtle minimalism and rich playful style – it is simply impossible not to admire such combinations.

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